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Stephen Colbert Does Public Access In Michigan

only in monroe

only in monroe


The future host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, must have been itching to pump out jokes since his leave from The Colbert Report in December. So why not fill in as a host for a public access show called “Only in Monroe” in Monroe, Michigan. The 40 min show is perfect in every way. From Colbert’s much researched inside jokes and history of the town to his silent pauses for an audience when there’s none in the studio, he delivers.

Things you will witness while watching this video:

  • Drinking while hosting
  • Interviewing the ACTUAL hosts of the program
  • A Yelp Review on a local Diner
  • An interview with a local, up and coming rap artist…. Marshall Mathers.
  • Awkward endings…




Picture: Youtube Screenshot