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Stressed Out: Watch Muse’s Matt Bellamy “embarrass” himself while dancing at Twenty One Pilots show

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Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

Matt Bellamy hit the town with Twenty One Pilots last Saturday, though probably not in the way he planned.

The Muse frontman was attending the “Stressed Out” duo’s concert in Los Angeles alongside his family over the weekend when frontman Tyler Joseph started walking through the crowd during a performance of the hit “Ride.” Joseph then stopped right next to Bellamy, who started enthusiastically dancing with what Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst might describe as “Dad Vibes.”

If you weren’t at the show, Bellamy posted a video of the interaction on his Instagram so the whole internet can enjoy his dance moves.

“When you’ve taken the kids to see @twentyonepilots and @tylerrjoseph decides to come in the crowd, sings right next to you, and you embarrass yourself, your family and everyone in the building,” Bellamy wrote in the caption. “Amazing show otherwise!”

In the post’s comments, Muse drummer Dom Howard asked, “Why can’t dads be cool in front of their kids?”, to which Bellamy replied, “It’s a whole different level [of] cool, one day you’ll realize.”

If Joseph wishes to embarrass his family at a Muse concert, he’ll have to go to Europe, where Bellamy and company will be touring this summer.

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