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Sublime’s dub remix album released digitally

Gasoline Alley/Geffen Records

Sublime‘s new remix album Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C. is now available via digital outlets.

The collection, which features new mixes of eight Sublime songs by dub musicians Scientist and Mad Professor, was previously only available on vinyl as part this year’s Record Store Day.

“Dub music was the gateway between my love of reggae and psychedelic rock music,” says drummer Bud Gaugh. “I love the way the drum and bass is so mesmerizing and the studio effects can take you places far off and away while just sitting there in your room. But be careful while driving, you may end up in another state!”

Over the summer, Sublime celebrated the 25th anniversary of their multi-platinum self-titled album. This year also marked the 25th anniversary of the death of frontman Bradley Nowell, who passed away just two months before Sublime was released.

Here’s the Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C. track list:

“Caress Me Down Español Dub” (Scientist Mix)
“Garden Grove Dub” (Scientist Mix)
“Santeria Dub” (Scientist Mix)
“Hong Kong Phooey Subliminal Dub” (Mad Professor Mix)
“April 29, 1992 (Miami) Dub” (Mad Professor Mix)
“Pawn Shop Dub” (Mad Professor Mix)
“Garden Grove Vocal Dub” (Scientist Mix)
“Hong Kong Phooey Dub” (Mad Professor Mix)”

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