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Summer survival guide for living in the valley


The weather shift happened here in the valley and that means it’s going to be 100 more often than it’s not. Living in the desert isn’t all sunbathing and short shorts. There is a reason people didn’t rush out here immediately- it’s hard work living here!

The winters are lovely and I even venture to say even the summers are nice but you have to prepare for them. If you don’t want year’s of flakey skin, mole removals, early wrinkles, or get rescued after passing out somewhere make sure you’re are doing these things.

Drink Water

Drink your water! I can’t stress this enough. Americans have really grown out of drinking enough water by replacing their liquids with coffees (guilty,) juices and boozes. Nothing is going to help you this summer as much as your water intake. You’ll save money because you’re buying less juices (etc.) and your skin will look better than ever after a couple months.

When properly hydrated you heal more quickly, have clearer/softer skin, less wrinkles/cellulite, better energy levels, easier to digest food, and you are detoxing chemicals from your body. That list is not even complete. How much water you need is going to depend on your height and weight. Check out this chart as a guideline:


If you’re someone who gets caught up drinking coffee at work, you’re going to have to break habit a touch. BEFORE you start your coffee in the AM, chug a full big glass of water. I bet you end up cutting down on caffeine for the day! Soda drinker? Time to swap it out for at least water with flavor drops. I like to say, “everything in moderation, except for water.”

“In-The-Trunk” Umbrella

It’s not lockdown anymore so we aren’t going to stay inside all summer. We also can’t bake in the sun the entire time either. Finding shade can be hard here because well, not that we don’t have trees at all but it IS the desert… Provide your own shade. Always keep an umbrella in the trunk of your car. You’ll find yourself lucky during a monsoon and a day at Tempe Town Lake.

In my diaper bag I have a clip on umbrella good for beach chairs and then in my trunk just your standard rain umbrella. When it’s 115, you don’t care where your shade is coming from, it’s just nice to have!

Stay Active

Most everything in life is a “use it or lose it” scenario. Same goes for your stamina. Make sure you stay active through the summer. It’s so tempting to curl up next to the AC with Netflix. Things will be easier if you find ways to maintain your activity level.

In my house we switch from park days to pool days! If you’re someone who walks for exercise, see below.

Be Sun Smart

There are many hours of fun with the sun you can still enjoy- just be sun smart! 

The sun is strongest between 10a and 4p. Move your outdoor time to the morning or evening. We have some stellar sunsets here. Catching them might become a tradition for you. If you get up early and go outside, you can see some fun little creatures still out.

I used to walk my dogs around 5a and a neighborhood coyote would still be out pretty often. I think we were all friends. 

Of course between that timeframe is also the most active part of the day so the sun’s rays can’t really be avoided. Wear sunscreen. You’re old enough now, it should be a habit. As you apply your daily lotion, get some spf on you too. Applying sunscreen daily will not keep you from getting your daily dose of natural vitamin D. 

But wait- there’s more! You can also wear a hat or light weight sun protective cardigans and shirts. If you intend to spend a real day in the sun and want nice looking/cancer free skin in 10 years, form these sun smart habits now. 

Research has given us more information about the sun’s damaging effects than our parents. Benefit from the knowledge and save yourself from things totally preventable. 

Become a Morning Bird

n my opinion the morning is the best time! Especially in the summer. It’s coolest and quietest. The perfect time to knock out anything mundane for the day.

You can maximize your summer and get more out of your days that way. Use the AM for chores like cleaning the pool, walking the dogs, starting laundry (better for water this way!) and exercising. The habit is easier to form than you think if you can tough it out for like two weeks. 

Take Advantage of all the Indoor Things AZ Offers

Arizona is known for the outdoors but did you know we have lots of cool things to do where the AC lives! Wonderspaces in the Fashion Mall offers a regularly-updated immersive art experience! There is indoor skydiving, culinary classes, the Heard Museum, places to drink wine and paint, Instagramable rooms, destruction rooms, axe throwing, DIY creation studios, and soon the theatre will be back in full swing!

Before you knock something, try it. Many things I thought would be lame ended up being such a fun experience. No better way to get what YOU want out of your city than supporting local business. It will end up coming back to you.

To keep that fun AZ vibe alive keep shopping small. It makes a big difference long-term and you end up getting a more unique product or experience. Go appetizer hopping with the local fare. Find a strip of boutiques can knock out some future birthday gifts for friends. Attend the city art fair. Hit the farmer’s market. Want to know my secret on knowing what to do? Instagram. I follow a bunch of random “Arizona Things To Do” type of accounts. Recommend finding ones that appeal to your taste so you don’t miss something cool!

Utilize Activity-Based Subscription Services

If you need more ways to spend indoors or need something to occupy you at home, look into activity based subscription services! Just like the ones that send you lifestyle supplies monthly, you can have things to do delivered to your door.

I’ve done subscription services like these as gifts and they are really successful! DateBox is great for people who are not good at thinking of something to do other than dinner and the movies. There are murder mystery boxes, dinner boxes, science kits, baby development activities- just Google something you’re into and see what comes up! 

I normally just buy like 3 months at once and then cancel. I like to dabble but you might find something you want to continue and have it become a household staple. 



Rechargeable Fan

What I like about this one (if you click the link) is that bendable arms make it able to attach pretty much anywhere. If you have a child it REALLY comes in handy since their tiny bodies get overheated so easily. It’s cheap, holds a good charge and comes in a cute color.

Any rechargeable mini fan is going to do you lots of favors this summer- find one you like!

Daily Moisturizer with SPF:

The one featured in the link is with a brand I really love overall. Across the board, their products smell light but yummy, doesn’t feel oily, and they work. Their shaving lotion is my favorite, but this face lotion is great too. The entire brand is vegan and cruelty free. Quality ingredients.

Find whatever you love in a moisturizer and now just find one with spf. It’s going to do wonders for how you age plus protect you from skin cancer. I feel like those are two great reasons and I shouldn’t need to list more.

Reusable Water Bottle:

I linked the Hydroflask because that’s what I have. I accidently lay it on it’s side a lot and it’s never leaked, good tops, easy to clean, well insulted and comes in nice colors.

If you live in Arizona it is essential to have a reusable water bottle. It should be good sized too. I’m talkin at least 32 oz if you’re in the hydration game. There’s a million benefits to drinking water (see above) but it’s a tough habit for some to start. The water bottle kind of forces you to drink more if you carry it around with you. Not only is it a reminder but it’s convenient, cold and already poured. I’ve gotten to the point where I feel naked without mine.

Cool Towel Pack:

Whether it’s a hike or a day playing yard games, these cool towel packs can really come in handy.

Adults and kids alike all need to cool down in this heat. Keep these in your cooler for a quick refresher. You can also freeze them and then just toss the pack in your backpack and let it thaw during the day.

I bring them to the lake and just get them wet in that water and then use it to cool off that way. You can also use a water bottle to wet it if you’re hiking or something like that.

Bug Bite Thing:

If you have that sweet blood like I do there isn’t any avoiding getting bug bites. Even the best sprays can’t defend me. So get this instead. It uses a little suction to get remaining venom out to relieve the bite. Works most of the time and that’s good enough for me. I get eaten alive! They sell them in packs too- which is nice so you can have one in your purse, outside, junk drawer (lol) and in your car! (Always have stuff like this in your car. I have a little carrier for stuff like this in mine.


The key to surviving the summers here in the valley is prepare for a day in the sun and then stay inside- a joke but only partially. 

Nothing is going to stop making your butt crack sweat out here. No sense in being bored while it’s happening. Be safe. Try new things. Support the local scene. Be kind to overly hot and exhausted workers. Above all, DRINK YOUR WATER!




Bye, Friends!