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Japanese McDonald’s Are Adding ‘Halloween Fries’ To Their Menus

October is a time to consume massive amounts of sugar, and drink pumpkin spice lattes. McDonalds, (in Japan only for now), has decided to combine the two and bring a Frankenstein monster of a snack to life. Oh heck yes, the Halloween Fries. These are salty warm McDonalds famous fries covered in chocolate, and pumpkin sauce. Do these make you ... Read More »

BORNS Interview with Christy Taylor

Garrett Borns is different, but in all the right ways.  He seriously is one of the most interesting humans I have ever had the chance to speak to.  You can find out some new Borns facts and learn a bit more about the man behind Electric Love by listening to the interview here.   Oh an apologies in advance for ... Read More »