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Will the XBOX ONE X Deliver on its Promises?

Image Property of Microsoft

The XBOX ONE X was debuted at E3 this year and Microsoft boasted that this console will be the first instance of bringing native 4k gaming into the living room (“Native” in this case means that 4K is naturally how the environment is loaded, with no other processes helping it get there). For years, the concept of running a console ... Read More »

Microsoft’s DUKE controller is Back and More Video Games Trailer out of E3 in Nerdgasm News!

The Xbox DUKE controller is making a comeback!     Microsoft’s giving us the nostalgic feels during their press conference at E3 this week. They announced not only will their latest consoles be backwards compatible for xbox 360 but starting later this summer, it’ll be compatible for original Xbox games! But it doesn’t stop there… They also dropped news that ... Read More »

Day 2 at E3 with Mo!

With most of my video work out of the way on Day 1, Day 2 of E3 was the day to get the most gaming in. Plus it’s the day with the longest expo hours. So after scoping out all that E3 has to offer, I decide to start in the west hall where big name developers like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo ... Read More »

Day 1 @ E3 with Mo!

I’m proud to say I’ve survived the 1st day of E3’s 3 day expo here at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In so many ways, this place is a gamer’s Disneyland: From getting free swag everywhere you go, to waiting in lines for 30 min to a few hours… But let me tell ya, the atmosphere alone is worth it. As ... Read More »

5 Games & Add-Ons We’re Excited for Bethesda To Release

For the next few days, I’ll be lugging my backpack around The Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 testing all the latest games. But before the convention actually starts, big press conferences from some of the leading developers give you a taste of what’s coming up and what you can demo on the sales floor. Here’s what Bethesda’s Press Conference had ... Read More »

Top 3 Game Trailers from EA’s Press Conference

It’s officially E3 week my fellow gamers and EA’s Press Conference kicked off the festivites. They revealed new footage and details for 6 upcoming games but 3 of them really took the cake. Titanfall 2: Loved the first Titanfall  from wall running to kicking ass in my Titan, it was a breath of fresh air from playing Call Of Duty ... Read More »

The Top 10 video games we’re waiting for thanks to E3

This is a gamer’s favorite time of the year! It’s E3 week in LA… If you’re unfamiliar with E3, it’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo where they get to debut new electronic devices and technology that will be coming up in the near future… It also means the debut of many video games coming to a console or PC near you! ... Read More »