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Mo’s Interview w/ The Struts

  Going into my interview with The Struts today, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. I knew I’d be walking into a room w/ 4 british guys that dressed waaaay better than I ever have and just oooze rockstardom. But I gotta tell ya, as soon as I was greeted with hugs that eventually led to Gethin (Drummer) hugging ... Read More »

George Ezra talks Ugly Sweater, snapchat, and more

First let me say that George Ezra is an absolutely charming person. He loves to laugh and oozes charisma. It’s noticeable not only in person but also in the phone interview…. however the only challenge with talking to George on the phone was I had a really hard time understanding his accent at certain points. Perhaps I should have asked ... Read More »

X Ambassadors interview

X Ambassadors will be in Phoenix this Monday, playing our Ugly Sweater Holiday Party night 2! Also on the lineup we have George Ezra and Of Monsters and Men….. and yes tickets are still available. All you have to do is show up the day of the show, walk up to the box office at Mesa Amp, and buy tickets. ... Read More »