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‘Black Wave’ K.Flay Will Give You Chills

NEW MUSIC FROM K.FLAY ALERT!!! ‘Black Wave’ is so good, and now there’s an equally amazing music video for it. Check it out: K.Flay Sort of sci-fi themed, sort of action themed, will definitely make you want to get up and dance to this song even more. K.Flay’s new album Every Where Is Some Where is out now, and you can get ... Read More »

K. Flay gets angry in her new song “Black Wave”

I’m so pumped for K.Flay’s show this weekend at Crescent ballroom! But I’m more pumped about this new song she dropped on us called “Black Wave”. So far she’s done 2 other singles that didn’t make it to her recent Crush EP but hopefully they’ll make it on her upcoming album 😀 Check out Black Wave below and hopefully I’ll ... Read More »

Everything you missed at Zombie Prom as told through Snap!

If you missed Zombie Prom over the weekend, then you MUST watch this!  If you don’t understand what Snapchat is, well it’s basically like everyone’s personal reality TV show.  So this snap story is absolutely the best way to experience everything you missed. Obviously being there is better, but this might even make you feel like you were there!  Enjoy and add ... Read More »

K.Flay – Hollywood Forever

FACT: Hollywood Forever is a cemetery in Los Angeles.  Now I’m not entirely sure if she is referencing the cemetery in this song…  I’m leaning towards no. But maybe Mo will ask K.Flay when she interviews her this Saturday at Zombie Prom! Yea, K.Flay is going to be blowing minds, and melting faces at Fear Farm this Saturday, and not ... Read More »

Zombie Prom Poll

There are 2 types of people in the world… the ones that go to see the big bands with all the hits, and the ones that go to see the baby bands they have never seen before.  Which got me wondering, what motivates you?  Are you coming to Zombie Prom to see Jimmy Eat World, or are you coming to ... Read More »