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Nerdgasm News: Start Binge Watching Your Fave Shows On HBO Go, Netflix’s bringing back Carmen San Diego & Your Fave N64 game is getting a documentary!

You can finally binge watch your fave HBO show! Couldn’t you always? Well kinda… Before you could watch any HBO show as you please but as soon as the episode is over, it stops. Well its a thing of the past now! The binge feature has now been added so you continue marathoning all those Game Of Thrones episodes. Before ... Read More »

The Forgotten Avenger

Remember Iron Fist from the Avengers movies????  Yea, you don’t, because he wasn’t in them.  But he was a part of the comics and now he has his own show on Netflix. Check the trailer below, this show looks RAD!  xo – CT Read More »

Stranger Things Kids + Silly String + Fallon = LOLz

Seriously, if this doesn’t make you laugh then you have no soul. You don’t even have to watch or care about Stranger Things for this to be funny. So what I’m saying is, if you like to laugh then you should watch this. If you need to laugh, you should watch this! Basically, just watch this. Added bonus Eleven raps ... Read More »

The Arcs releases music inspired by “Making A Murderer”

No matter where I look or who I talk to, it seems the Netflix Documentary “Making A Murderer” is on everyone’s mind. The buzz around this show hasn’t been this loud since Breaking Bad last aired in 2013, but for good reason. A man was falsely accused of crimes he did not commit. TWICE. And is now sentenced to life in ... Read More »

Daredevil Gets A Trailer

Marvel has been on a hot streak with their movies, but will their television installments receive as much praise? The Netflix Original Daredevil will be the first chance for us to find out. Read More »