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Stranger Things HAUNTED HOUSE in Universal Studios Singapor

Image is Property of Aloysius Low

It’s officially time to get Spooky! (what was that? ….Today’s actually still September? Nah, not after seeing this it’s not!) Stranger Things Fans rejoice as it looks like the recent spooky phenomenon has become an attraction in Universal Studios over in Singapore, with a haunted house experience based on numerous locals and monsters from the show. Sadly, it’s unlikely that ... Read More »

The Original West World

Everyone is buzzing about HBO’s new show West World.  It’s Sci-fi meets Wild West and it presents questions that will make you ponder your own personal boundaries. But this TV show isn’t exactly original. The show is actually a sequel of sorts. In the 1970’s Michael Crichton, the man who created Jurassic Park, actually wrote and directed the film. You ... Read More »

When the new Ghostbusters meet the OG Ghostbusters!

Last night I was getting dinner with a friend at The Vig Fillmore and Kimmel was on the bar TV’s. The guests were the new Ghostbusters cast. I kept looking up to watch, even though the volume wasn’t on. What can I say, the 80’s kid in me has a soft spot for the Ghostbusters. Well then while some interaction ... Read More »