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Stranger Things HAUNTED HOUSE in Universal Studios Singapor

Image is Property of Aloysius Low

It’s officially time to get Spooky! (what was that? ….Today’s actually still September? Nah, not after seeing this it’s not!) Stranger Things Fans rejoice as it looks like the recent spooky phenomenon has become an attraction in Universal Studios over in Singapore, with a haunted house experience based on numerous locals and monsters from the show. Sadly, it’s unlikely that ... Read More »

New Images From ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Due out in theaters on December 16th, Rogue One sees a band of ragtag Rebel fighters, led by Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), embark on a mission to steal plans for the Death Star. The events in the film take place prior to the original Star Wars trilogy. For those of us who can’t wait for the release, Tony Gilroy and Gareth Edwards released some stunning hi-res images. ... Read More »

Today is National Selfie Day

Welcome to national selfie day…. a very special day we didn’t actually need. There are already enough wanna be instagram models to fill your news feed with selfies; EVERY, SINGLE, DAY… but today everyone is getting in on the action. Truth be told, I did too…. which probably means if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, I probably would… etc ... Read More »