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New Guitar Hero Reveal Trailer

After several years in stasis, the Guitar Hero franchise has been recently been revived with a debut trailer. And it is certainly different! The new iteration of the game seems to have mad a drastic shift from the cartoon inspired look of the previous incarnations, and instead focuses on a virtual reality sort of set up. The game also claims ... Read More »

Mortal Kombat X – Story Trailer

It is very rare for a fighting game to go through the trouble of including a narrative into a game in which the primary objective is to beat the absolute tar out of another person. Yet, it seems like the folks over at NetherRealm Studios have gone through the hard work anyway. Only one way to find out if it ... Read More »

Fallout vs Skyrim

As we all know, “Who Would Win” imaginary battles have consumed many conversations between fans and nerds of all kinds. Now it’s time for another one: The Lone Wanderer vs The Dragonborn. Who would win? Find out! Read More »

Crazy GTA V Parachute Stunts

By now we have all probably seen some videos of the crazy stuff that can be done in Grand Theft Auto 5. But have you seen a player wear a monkey mask, smoke a cigar, and pull off crazy parachute stunts? Well now you can. Read More »