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The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years Movie Trailer

The Beatles 8 days a week

If you love music, you’ve been exposed to The Beatles. But if you weren’t around to see them at their peak, Director Ron Howard has taken care of that. “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The Touring Years” will take you on a journey through remastered, Super 8 footage that brings the experience to life. Howard explains in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2014, “We are going to be able to take the Super 8 footage that we found, that was all shot silent. We’ll not only be able to digitally repair a lot of that, but we’ve also been finding the original recordings,”. He also mentions “We can now sync it up and create a concert experience so immersive and so engaging, I believe you’re going to actually feel like you’re somewhere in the Sixties, seeing what it was like to be there, feeling it and hearing it. And as a film director, that’s a fantastic challenge.” The Touring Years arrives in theaters September 15th but if you can’t make it to that, it’ll be available on Hulu September 17th. Check out the trailer below: -Mo!