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The fastest growing category in Pornhub, Lowes are creating superhumans and say goodnight to your alarm clock in Nerdgasm News!

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Say goodnight to your old alarm clock


You know how you place your alarm clock across the room to force yourself to get up, but you just end up getting up to lay back down again? Or you’re hitting the snooze button like its a game of wack a mole? Well it could be a thing of the past thanks to Bed bud! It’s a sensor you place in between your mattress that feels when you get up and turns off.. and if you think you can cheat it by getting up and laying back down, it starts beeping again until you wake up! And you can even modify it for 2 people to sleep with different sleeping schedules… or just annoying your spouse and make them get up early with you…


Lowes are creating super humans

Photo via Lowes

Home improvement store Lowes is turning their employees into superheros by working on an exoskeleton prototype to help aid them on the job. The carbon -fiber trussed suit fits like a rock climbing harness to help transfer the energy of basic movements more evenly through the body instead of straining your muscles. Director of Lowes Innovation Labs said in a press release, “We didn’t want to over-engineer it, make it too fancy, or give it too many bells and whistles, we’re putting it in the rough and rumble world of a real store and will iterate on top of that… we’ll add a jetpack in 2018.”


VR is the fastest growing category on Pornhub

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If there are kids near, tell em to ear muffs it… cause I’m about to put the gasm in nerdgasm… VR fans are finding fun new ways to experience a reality unlike any other on PornHub! In fact, its the fastest growing category on the site with over 500,000 viewers daily and new videos being added daily. And it should be no suprise, men are the bigger fans of VR than the ladies are but let’s be honest… it’s a weird POV angle for women.