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‘The First Rock Band on Mars’ is pop-punk music for kids & their Warped Tour parents

The First Rock Band on Mars

One day, you’re moshing on a sun-drenched parking lot during Warped Tour, and the next you’re in a suburban home with a white picket fence and one or several small children. If that describes you, then perhaps you’d be interested in The First Rock Band on Mars.

The newly released EP consists of original pop-punk music written and recorded by artists including Sleeping with SirensKellin Quinn and Yellowcard‘s Ryan Key, as well as Howi Spangler of reggae rock band Ballyhoo!, and musician James DiNanno, whose book The First Rock Star on Mars inspired the project.

Quinn, a father himself, tells ABC Audio that he wanted the EP to be something that both young kids and their parents could enjoy.

“If it was an EP that was in a Starbucks and had a punk rock cover to it, and I had a two or a three-year-old kid, I would definitely be, like, ‘OK, cool, this would be better than listening to ‘Baby Shark” or any of that other stuff that they listen to,” Quinn says.

In recording the EP, Quinn and Key found that the “fun,” “upbeat” energy of pop-punk music really lent itself to kids music. For Key, who’s largely moved away from pop-punk as a musician in favor of “synthesizers and orchestras” since Yellowcard’s breakup in 2017, he felt like he was “dusting off the cobwebs.”

“I’m picking up a guitar, like, ‘I have to write a riff for a pop-punk song? Let’s go!'” Key shares. “It was fun.”

Of course, the songs are pretty upbeat lyrically, too.

“We don’t want to ruin kids’ lives just yet, dude,” Quinn says.

“They get to grow up and listen to our music later to do that,” Key adds.

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