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The Hives frontman once threw up during a party at Dave Grohl’s house

Javier Bragado/WireImage

Here’s a story that probably won’t be making Dave Grohl‘s heartwarming From Cradle to Stage series.

In an interview with NME, The Hives frontman “Howlin'” Pelle Almqvist revealed that he once threw up during a party that the Foo Fighters frontman hosted at his house.

As for how he came to share such a tale, Almqvist brought up his friendship with Grohl when the interviewer reminded him of the time the Foos dressed up as The Hives during a Halloween concert in 2002.

“We’re friends now,” Almqvist said of Grohl. “I’ve sang an AC/DC song with him live, I sold him a guitar, I went to his 50th birthday party.”

That’s when Almqvist spilled the beans about spilling his stomach in Grohl’s home.

“I threw up in his house one New Year’s Eve while wearing a hat made out of an actual wolf’s head,” he said. “It was very undignified — but a great party!”

For less gross Grohl-adjacent stories, you can watch the first episode of From Cradle to Stage, which finds Dave and his mother Virginia Hanlon Grohl interviewing other musicians and their moms, streaming now on Paramount+.

Meanwhile, Grohl will share even more tales from his life in his upcoming book The Storyteller, which is due out in October. It is currently unknown if the memoir includes any vomit stories.

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