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The Jumanji Remake Trailer Is Here & Reading Rainbow’s Levar Burton Reads in His New Podcast in Nerdgasm News!

Jumanji trailer


The Jumanji Remake Trailer Is Here!

The First Jumanji Trailer is Here!

There’s a brand new Jumanji story happening this Christmas and I’m not sure how I feel about it… The trailer for Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle dropped today and yes, it’s nothing like the 1995 original starring Robin Williams. The story is about 4 high school kids that come across a video game called Jumanji and get sucked into it, kind of like Tron. Their bodies end up transforming into 4 different characters with special abilities which is where The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian comes into play. If they wanna return to the world they know, they have to beat the game. Personally, the trailer looks fun and adventurous but if they didn’t attach the Jumanji name to it, I think I would enjoy it more, but you be the judge! Check out the trailer below:

Reading Rainbow star Levar Burton Reads in his new podcast


Now a days, it seems everyone has a podcast… (which ps… if you love classic action movies you should check out my podcast You’ve Been Erased) but it only seems right that the host of The PBS classic, Reading Rainbow has one too! In Levar Burton Reads , Levar hand picks a short story from different genres ranging from 30 to 60 minute forms, almost like an audio book but in a much shorter form. Here’s a snippet from a short fiction named “Kin”: