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The Killers' Brandon Flowers feels "relieved" following investigation into crew member sexual assault claim

Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Boston Calling

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has opened up regarding the accusations of sexual assault against the band’s crew members made by a former sound engineer.

The sound engineer alleged that, during a show in 2009, a girl was found “passed out and naked” in a dressing room after the front of house engineer had invited other crew members to take a “turn” with her.

An internal investigation conducted by The Killers’ law firm located the woman in question, and determined the sexual assault accusation to be “entirely unfounded.”

“I feel relieved that we were actually able to get to the bottom of it, actually find this woman and make sure that she was OK,” Flowers now tells NME.

“The most important thing is that there was no assault,” he adds. “That’s just nothing but relief. From what we see backstage, the people we hire and the people in the band, we’ve never witnessed anything like that happen. If something like that did happen, we would want to know.”

The piece also described a general toxic environment of misogyny and sexism among the crew members. Going forward, The Killers have set up an independent HR contact that crew members can turn to with concerns.

“That could be the more positive thing that’s come from it — to actually put our heads together and figure out something we can do so that if anyone ever does feel uncomfortable, female or male, there’s a number they can call so they don’t have to let it fester and carry it with them for so long like this woman on the crew did,” Flowers says. “Whether it was true or not, she carried it with her. That can just be a horrible thing to carry around.”

By Josh Johnson
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