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The Killers tease “heavier” next album, possibly featuring all four members

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Credit: Danny Clinch

It doesn’t look like The Killers’ new music train will slow down anytime soon.

Speaking with NME, the “Mr. Brightside” rockers reveal that they’ve already started on yet another record, following the one-two punch of the brand-new Pressure Machine and last year’s Imploding the Mirage.

While frontman Brandon Flowers sees the new material as a “little bit more canyon rock” — “Maybe a little bit more traditional Killers,” he muses — drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. thinks it feels “a bit heavier and more clench-fisted.”

“We were messing around on the stage for a virtual show the other month and it felt like there was this rock n’ roll thing happening,” Vannucci shares. “I could see us going in that direction: something a bit more energized.”

To add to the excitement, the new album could be the first since 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful to feature The Killers’ original four-piece lineup. Guitarist Dave Keuning sat out for Imploding the Mirage, while bassist Mark Stoermer was absent for Pressure Machine.

“I’m just supposing here, but I think the whole COVID thing made people realize how good they have it,” Vannucci says. “There have been some really kind remarks that I’ve never heard from the guys before that made saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want to not be on a record any more — so let’s do this.’ We’re very sobered up from the experience of being locked away.”

“I do think that all four of us are going to be on this next record,” he adds. “We’ve already started messing around a bit, so that’s good.”

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