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The moon, campfires & Bette Midler: Switchfoot teases upcoming holiday-themed tour

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ABC Audio

With Thanksgiving upon us, Christmas season is about to kick off in full swing, and Switchfoot will be celebrating on the road.

The “Meant to Live” rockers are preparing to launch a tour in support of their new holiday compilation, this is our Christmas album. As the group tells ABC Audio, the shows will be quite the theatrical production.

“You’ll be introduced to the evening by the moon, with a northern English accent,” frontman Jon Foreman explains.

“It’s gonna be really fun,” adds drummer Chad Butler.

Aptly called the this is our Christmas tour, each night will be divided into two parts. Bassist Tim Foreman describes the first section as a “nighttime around the campfire kind of vibe,” while Jon shares that part two will consist of “a little bit more full-on Christmas songs and our own tunes.” But the fun won’t stop there.

“Maybe take some requests?” Butler suggests, which Jon agrees might help “embrace the chaos” of the shows.

“I don’t know, do you wanna hear Bette Midler?” Jon laughs. “Maybe? I don’t know!”

Jon also has another idea of a song to add to the set.

“This is not a Christmas song, but it feels like a Christmas song,” Jon says. “I mean, it’s one of the best songs that has ever come out of North America, I’m just gonna say that: ‘What a Wonderful World.'”

The this is our Christmas tour begins Saturday, November 26, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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