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The Offspring cancels Canadian tour with Simple Plan

Mariano Regidor/Redferns

The Offspring has canceled its upcoming Canadian tour with Simple Plan due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

In an Instagram post, vocalist Dexter Holland, who has a in PhD in molecular biology, explains how the high “R naught” of the Omicron variant, a figure used to measure the infectiousness of a particular virus, influenced The Offspring’s decision to nix the tour.

“Isn’t it nice that a little knowledge of biology can help you decide whether to go on tour or not?” Holland asks.

In the post’s caption, The Offspring writes, “There’s no point in us asking you to come out and see our kick-a** show if there’s a chance that everything could shut down at the last minute.”

The band adds, “We’re disappointed, but let’s get through this mess together. You stay home and we’ll stay home, we’ll give you your money back and then wait for a better R naught number.”

The Offspring’s Canadian tour was scheduled to launch January 27. Refunds to ticket holders will be automatically reissued.

If you’re a Canadian Offspring fan in need of some cheering up, perhaps you’d be interested in the new edition of the band’s “Cockpit Karaoke” series, featuring Holland and guitarist Noodles jamming along to an Offspring tune while flying an airplane. The latest installment features an airborne rendition of “Let the Bad Times Roll,” the title track off The Offspring’s 2021 album.

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