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The Offspring takes a direct shot at your heart with piano version of “Gone Away”

Credit: Daveed Benito

In the Before Times, back when we could go to live concerts, The Offspring would perform a piano-driven rendition of their classic song “Gone Away” during their shows. While it may be a bit before concerts fully return, you can now enjoy that version in the comfort of your own home.

As guitarist Noodles tells ABC Audio, fans have been “clamoring” for an official studio recording of the “Gone Away” piano version, and their wish comes true on the band’s new album, Let the Bad Times Roll.

“We finally went, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!'” Noodles says. “We think it works, so we’re excited about it.”

Of all The Offspring’s hits, “Gone Away” likely lends itself the most to a piano ballad makeover, since, as Noodles puts it, the track has “touched fans more deeply than any other Offspring song has.”

“We hear that all the time,” Noodles says. “To purify that song and just simplify it and make it just a little bit more honest, without the all the loud guitars and drums and bass over it…it’s just more direct.”

Let the Bad Times Roll, the 10th Offspring album, is out now. It’s the band’s first record since 2012’s Days Go By.

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