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The #PokemonMo Round 2 Winners Are…

PokemonMo Shirts

It was a humid one last night for #PokemonMo Round 2! This time we were catchin Pokemon at First Friday in Phoenix for tickets to: Rebelution, Matisyahu, Ben Harper, Silversun Pickups, Comedian Jay Mohr and The Summerland Tour. In order to win tickets, you had to take pictures of the Pokemon you caught and send it to us using the hashtag #PokemonMo. From there, we picked our winners based on creativity, how rare the Pokemon was and ALT AZ SPIRIT! Here are my winners from 6th to 1st place…

6th Place: @MindfulCaitlin with a Pidgey

@MindfulCaitlin Pidgey

5th Place: @JVegas77 with Growlith

@JVegas77 Growlith

4th Place: @3lyssa with Cubone

@3lyssa Cubone

3rd Place: @Oshiana with Vulpix

@Oshiana Volpix

2nd Place: @Nhumma with an Abra

@NaHumma Abra

1st Place: @JunoAed with a Kadabra

@JunoAed Abra

CONGRATS to our winners! Please check your messages for further details on your tickets. Thanks again to everyone who came out and trained with us but a BIG THANKS goes out to Tacos De Juarez for letting us hang for First Fridays!