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The Regrettes' Lydia Night accuses SWMRS' Joey Armstrong of abusive behavior & sexual misconduct

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The Regrettes frontwoman Lydia Night has accused SWMRS drummer Joey Armstrong of abuse and sexual misconduct.

Night made the allegations in an Instagram post Monday night following a post SWMRS wrote after Burger Records, a label that they had worked with, was flooded with accusations of sexual misconduct. In their statement, SWMRS wrote, “It is antithetical to our core values as humans to use this power for sexual exploits.”

In response, Night wrote, “My abuser Joey Armstrong and his band SWMRS released an unbelievably hypocritical statement on social media that has pushed me to publicly share my story”

Night said that she and Armstrong, who’s the son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, began a relationship when she was 16 and he was 22.

“Everyone in his band, crew, family and his manager knew that we were seeing each other,” Night wrote.

As their relationship continued, Night said Armstrong would repeatedly tell her that he didn’t want to have sex with her until she was 18, but would still pressure into “sexual situations,” including oral sex, and face-timing while he masturbated.

Night ended the relationship two months before her 18th birthday, when visiting Armstrong in New York.

“One of these nights, he changed the ‘rules’ he had prefaced our entire relationship on,” she wrote. “He now said, ‘Let’s not pay much attention to any exact time frame’…I knew I was done and chose to end it.”

When The Regrettes later went on tour with SWMRS again, Night said she felt that the band members were “doing anything they could to exert power and punish me.”

“It took me years to finally understand I am a victim of abuse,” she wrote.

ABC Audio has reached out to a rep for SWMRS for comment.

By Josh Johnson
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