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The Revivalists’ David Shaw didn’t want to say “Wish I Recorded You” to his debut solo album

Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

On The Revivalists‘ breakout single “Wish I Knew You,” frontman David Shaw sings, “I wish I knew you when I was young” as he yearns for lost time he could’ve spent with his partner. Fortunately, he won’t have similar regrets with his solo music.

This Friday, Shaw will release his self-titled debut solo alum. As Shaw tells ABC Audio, he had always thought about recording a solo record, but he never wanted to “mess up the momentum” of The Revivalists.

“So I was always pushing it to the back burner,” he says.

After the one-two punch of “Wish I Knew You’s” success and the band’s follow-up album, 2018’s Take Good Care, Shaw’s day job needed some time off, which opened up an opportunity to pursue a solo project.

“It just seemed like now was just the right time,” Shaw says. “The band was hitting on all cylinders, and needed a break.”

As an added bonus, Shaw now won’t find himself years down the line writing a song called “Wish I Recorded You.” “I needed to be able to do it when I was young,” he laughs. “Or somewhat young, let’s say.”

Fittingly, the solo album includes a sequel of sorts to “Wish I Knew You.” The song “Shivers” is about Shaw and his girlfriend, who sings back-up vocals on the track, “stealing back the time” they didn’t get to spend together. While the two songs touch on similar themes, Shaw shares that he didn’t notice the connection until after recording “Shivers.”

“It was a really, really special moment to have that realization in the studio while she was in the vocal booth with me,” he says. “It was just really special.”

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