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The Rock Runs for President, Get your Cat Off The Counter and How A Man With No Eyes Plays Video Games in Nerdgasm News!

The Rock


The Rock For President

Dwayne Johnson Picked Tom Hanks as a Presidential Running Mate on ‘SNL’

photo via youtube

Now I know politics is nothing to nerd out on… unless it’s The People’s Champ Dwayne The Rock Johnson announcing he’s running for President in 2020! He hosted SNL this past weekend and during his opening monologue, went public with his new running mate, Mr. Tom Hanks! Now I’m not sure how totally true this is but they make a good point when saying they’ve played enough roles in their lives to know how to handle any situation. I feel like he’s be better at being a President than he did at being a rapper…

Build A Robot For One Purpose, Getting Your Cat Off The Counter


Counter Surfing Pets aka CSP can be a real struggle for you and your animals… okay, mainly cats… but there’s a solution for that now! Instead of constantly swiping your animal off the counter, get a robot to do it! The Cat Nani is like a counter Roomba that sprays your animal to get off the counter, in fact, its almost as if Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty may have built this mini robot…


How A Man Without Eyes Plays Video Games

Check out this mini documentary about a boy who’s been playing video games as a kid, but has no eyes… so crazy!