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This is what 1000 musicians playing Foo Fighter’s “Learn To Fly” look like

rockin 1000

rockin 1000

I’ve heard Foo Fighter’s name more times this year than I’ve called my mom. And I call my mom a lot.

But let’s be real, Foo Fighters are holding the title of greatest rock band for our generation. You can try and fight me on that statement but I don’t see over 1000 musicians coming together, from all different walks of life, to perform one song, to woo their band to play in Italy. Did I mention it was OVER A THOUSAND. AND THEY GOT IT ON VIDEO!!! It’s pretty epic to see this many people perform  Foo Fighter’s “Learn To Fly”, one could say it’s pretty moving. Hopefully it moves the Foo Fighters enough to get them to play in Cesena, Italy. It’s been over 15 years since their last appearance in Cesena.  Check out the awesomeness and if you wanna read more on Rockin 1000’s story, check out their website.



Featured Image via website.