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This Week on Homegrown: Bogan Via, Woody & The Blythers and Young Modulus



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Bogan Via is Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller. MADLY is the band’s second extended play album and it further develops their unique synth-pop sound.

MADLY was then recorded between 2013 and 2014 over two continents at the Red Bull Studios in Copenhagen and in their hometown of Los Angeles. Mixed in New York, the band co-produced the record with Le Chev (Fisherspooner, Frankie Rose, Lemonade).

Bogan Via has made a quite a mark on the scene, quickly playing packed shows including a European tour and festival appearances at: SXSW, Culture Collide, Folsom Street Fair, Phoenix Pride, Insomnia, San Diego Music Thing, Summer Ends, & Viva Phx. Bogan Via’s ability to win over fans with their unique sound has already earned them opening spots for the likes of: Phantogram, Little Dragon, Halsey, Todd Terje, Ladyhawke, Glass Animals, Twin Shadow, Darwin Deez, Austra, Yacht, Betty Who, and many more, as well as remixes by: Geographer, Miniature Tigers, Database, Micon, & Terminal 11.

For now, Bogan Via’s graceful and danceable indie rock is still under the radar, but they are quickly rising to the surface, bringing their melodies and pulsating beats with them. Over the past few years, Bogan Via’s music has been featured on every blog from EDM to Consequence of Sound. With overwhelming responses to first listens of the record, this is the year that Bogan Via will start to make a splash. You can catch Bogan Via at Lost Lake Music Festival and on Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Soundcloud. Check out their song “When You Fall in Love” then place your vote to hear it again on Friday, below.


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Hardship, pain, endurance, persistence – Woody and the Blythers members have been through all of the above but married with their musical talent and experience they produce folk-tinged rock that will roll your soul into a ball of delight.        Now you can check out the depth and breadth of what the Phoenix, Arizona band can deliver with Woody and the Blythers Vol 1. Bassist, composer and vocalist Woody Woodham – who is also a barber – began his musical journey when very young, but when he fell out of a car while in High School and fractured his hip the seed of his ability germinated.        Three years on crutches left him with the time to take raw musicianship, hone it to perfection and develop songwriting skills. His track ‘Philip T Kramer’ was used on an episode of NBC’s nationally syndicated ‘Leeza Gibbons Show’.        Having played in bars – classy and not so classy – opening for acts such as the Dead Kennedys and performing on dozens of radio programs including Lopsided World of L.  He has the live chops down to the proverbial ‘T’.        However, despite this success he experienced a personal battle as a barber. In the 1980s his shop burnt down, but Woody knuckled down, opened a new shop, sleeping on the floor, bathing in a 32 gallon trash can for a year to keep his business going until it flourished. That determination is a hallmark of this 64-year-old’s attitude to music.       With six independently recorded and produced CDs under his belt he has also had his fair share of controversy. One of his tracks ‘McDonald’s In Baghdad’ saw him booed off stage at a folk festival and receive hate mail, including death threats. After that he can handle critics easily!        Lead guitarist in Woody and the Blythers, Glenn Durrance has also been through the mill in his artistic and musical journey. He has been friends and collaborator with Woody for 40 years after they met an Escondido California dive bar that went by the name ‘Buds and Suds’.       Glenn is an artist creating various forms of art through mixed media. One of his mixed media pieces won first place in 2014 at the San Diego County Fair.        A talented guitarist, he has never played professionally until now. Of course as a professional artist he designed the cover art for ‘Woody and the Blythers Vol. 1’.       Drummer Barrett Gardner has been a friend of Woody for more than a decade. They first met at a show by Barrett’s well regarded band 32 Leaves, when they were signed to Universal Records and scored a hit track in 2007.         As well as performing with Woody and the Blythers the 38-year-old Barrett plays in four other bands in Phoenix – always pays to keep busy!        Youngster and rookie to the band is 19-year-old Scott Grijalva on keyboards – who joined thanks to the wonders of social media.        Glenn and Woody first encountered Scott through the randomness of Facebook posts. An invitation to practice when the band were based in San Diego saw them immediately hit it off personally and musically…        It also helps that Scott draws on classic progressive rock from influences like Gentle Giant, Atomic Rooster and Yes. He is developing his own solo career as well as playing in Woody and the Blythers. You can catch Woody on Facebook and tonight on Homegrown with their song “Tangerine Man”. You can preview it below and if ya love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday replay.


Youngs Modulus

The term “Young’s Modulus” is named for 18th century physician and physicist Thomas Young. Scientifically, Young’s Modulus is the relationship between stress and strain in a material. Musically, Young’s Modulus creates elastic alternative rock sounds that are the perfect balance of nostalgia and modern day. The music is reminiscent of ‘90s era grunge yet relevant and authentic enough to take you on an aural rock ‘n roll joyride–especially at live shows!

Young’s Modulus’ sound has been equated to that of early King’s of Leon, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Their latest record Somnambulist has received wide-spread support and acclaim and is being hinted at as one of the best local albums of 2016. As Mitchell Hillman describes: “If ’90s music comforts your soul, you will want to get a hold of Somnambulist immediately”. You can catch YM opening up for Tantic August 6th at Marquee Theater and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Laces” below and if ya love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday Replay.

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