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Monday:  Breakup Shoes – Playing With Fire

Breakup Shoes is a four-piece indie outfit based in Tempe, AZ composed of vocalist/guitarist Nick Zawisa, guitarist John MacLeod, bassist Derrick Lafforthun and drummer Matthew Witsoe. 
 The members of Breakup Shoes began playing music together in a mega-church, but after a fallout with religiosity they started the band in late 2015. Although the music taste of its members varies from punk to hip-hop and most things in-between, Breakup Shoes has been heavily influenced by the music of icons such as The Beach Boys, The Cure and New Order, as well as contemporaries such as Mac Demarco, Modern Baseball and Turnover. 
 “Their discography is the soundtrack of a revolting youth that’s just too stoned or lazy to do anything right now… but maybe tomorrow. Harmonious melodies alongside jovial drums keep a smile on your face while captivating you with tales of heartbreak and solitude. Find Breakup Shoes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Playing With Fire” below, if ya love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page. 

Tuesday: Nate Fenwick feat. Evie Clair –

Young Fighter

Remember the young Arizona native Evie Clair from America’s Got Talent season 12? Her father’s battle with cancer came to a heartbreaking end just as Evie was finishing up her season as a finalist on the show. Evie continues to fight onward as she further builds her career as a successful music artist. Her recent appearance as a featured artist on this new single “Young Fighter” by Nate Fenwick, showcases not only her incredible vocal strength, but her inner-fighter as she continues on to pursue her musical dreams in spite of the adversity of her father’s passing. Since appearing on AGT, Evie has released two full albums as well as multiple singles and has continued performing all over the country.  Since 2012, award winning composer and singer/songwriter/producer Nate Fenwick has composed the score for several indie films and has had his music air on TV shows across multiple cable and major networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, A&E, Discovery, E! and MTV. As a singer/songwriter his latest album entitled “Wait for the Moment: Visionaries” was released early last year. “Young Fighter” is his first single release since his latest album. Growing up surrounded by all sisters and now with a wife and three kids of his own (two of which are daughters) Nate desired to create a female-empowerment song after a lifetime of observing what the women closest to him in his life go through every day. Nate reports, “In addition to female empowerment, Young Fighter is also about the mental battles that not only women face, but even I experience as a man, and I believe that everyone to some extent experiences especially in 2019… mental health is so key. Overall this song is about overcoming adversity and one’s inner demons.” Being from the same area of Arizona as Evie, Nate knew of Evie and her family and after learning of their story he knew he wanted the ‘young fighter’ Evie to be featured on his new single. After writing, recording and producing the song in his home studio, Nate invited Evie to come in and record her powerful vocals to breathe life into the message that Young Fighter was written to portray. Check out their song below and if ya love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page. 

Wednesday: The Technicolors – Hurt So Bad

American rock band The Technicolors started off as the brainchild of Phoenix-native Brennan Smiley.

The formation of the band itself started back when Smiley was acoustically supporting other local music acts by performing his songs live. After a few shows, the project began to grow and soon turned into a more serious approach, taking on the form of The Technicolors.

Inspired by the New Millennium’s garage rock and mid 90’s Brit-pop, The Technicolors combine elements of those two genres with classic and modern components and subject matters to introduce a completely new and exclusive sound.

Today, The Technicolors is Brennan Smiley (Vocals, Guitar), Troy Lowney (Keys), Mike (Nico) Nicolette (Bass), and Sean Silverman (Guitar, Vocals). You can find The Technicolors on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Hurt So Bad” below and if you like it, vote to hear it again for the Song Of The Week at the bottom of the page!

Thursday: Rx Soul – Candy Flip

rx Soul is a Phoenix-based singer-songwriter and producer, known for his unique blend of soul, R&B, and alternative music. Recently featured on Zomboy’s “Rott N’ Roll Pt. 2” EP, Soul plans to release a new single every two weeks. Catch rx Soul opening for Bob Moses at Tempe Marketplace on May 18.  and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud. Preview his song “Candy Flip” below, if ya love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page. 

Song of the Week:

Breakup Shoes – Playing With Fire