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This Week On Homegrown: Courtesy Call, Good Boy Daisy, Figure It Out and Thoughts Like Rockets!



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Courtesy Call EP photo

Courtesy Call is a rock band located in Mesa, Arizona that consists of Stephen Gygi on guitar and vocals and Andrew Pincock on the bass guitar. They released their first EP Screamed the Dust Speck in late 2016 and released their second EP, Sides on November 1 2017. Both EPs were produced, mixed and mastered by Ken Dudley at Cottonwood Studios. You can find Courtesy Call on Facebook and  TwitterPreview their song “Sweeter” below, and if ya dig it, show em some love and vote to hear their song again on Friday at the bottom of the page.



Good Boy Daisy photo

Good Boy Daisy was formed in 2015 by identical twins Hallie and Dylinn Mayes out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Hallie’s musical career started as a drummer, but her extremely powerful vocals are perfectly complimented by Dylinn’s heavy guitar riffs and style, so the switch was made. The twins immediately acquired the fast-paced, hard-hitting drummer Jonny Kady to further elevate the band. Lead guitarist Molly Mashal blasted onto the scene in 2016. Molly’s playing style and amazingly high energy live performances are exactly what Good Boy Daisy is all about. Seth Person earned the bass player position in the summer of 2017 and the band was complete. Seth’s boundless energy and perfectly timed bass lines are truly mesmerizing, and rounded out the 5 piece band with a punch in the face. Good Boy Daisy has since been headlining shows and festivals around the southwest, and poised to tour the country very soon. You can find Good Boy Daisy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Preview their song “Too Hard To Love” below, then show em your love by voting to hear them again on Friday at the bottom of the page.


Figure It Out Band logo

Merging the fast-paced and anthemic sounds of turn-of-the-century pop punk with the pop sensibilities and catchiness of modern pop rock, Figure It Out are bringing an updated version of a nostalgic sound to a new generation of fans. Their goal? To bring youthful energy and an all-encompassing sense of fun to a new era of listeners. Established in 2012, the band has released three EP’s and numerous singles. Figure It Out are bringing their anthemic pop punk to a national audience amongst a heavy resurgence of the pop punk genre. You can catch Figure It Out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Sleep Without You” below and if ya love it, show em your love by voting to hear them again on Friday, at the bottom of the page.



Thoughts Like Rockets

Thoughts Like Rockets is a high energy, alternative rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The group originated in August 2013 and has played at various clubs, venues, and events across the Phoenix area including Club Red, the Marquee Theater, Nile Theater, Mesa Music Festival, Rebel Lounge, Joe’s Grotto, The Blooze Bar, & the Arizona State Fair. Recently, their single “Broken” has surpassed 20k views on Facebook. Currently, TLR just finished recording a brand new EP at Tuff Tones Studios with Mike Oliver and finished mastering by Grammy award winning engineer Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York. The new “Worlds Collide” EP will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, & CD Baby mid November 2017. You can also find Thoughts Like Rockets on Facebook and Instagram. Preview their song “Worlds Collide” below! If you enjoy it, vote to hear them again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.


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