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Tuesday:  Divided Minds – Don’t Get Too Close

Divided Minds new band pic

Divided Minds is an established Rock Pop band from Phoenix, AZ, who has performed with numerous national acts such as Wage War, The Summer Set, Whitney Peyton,SLAVES, Doll Skin and Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts). Divided Minds has proven time and time again that their music connects well and their sound continues to be fresh. Their music has often been played on KWSS 93.9 and ALT-AZ 93.3 along with interviews and morning TV guest appearances. Having released in 2016 their debut EP Perception, they toured the regional circuit and found themselves gaining the attention of Ross Robey of Rolling Artists and Greg Long – owner of We Are Triumphant.

Divided Minds has an unwavering commitment to create the best music possible and to bring their live audiences closer to the music experience as a whole. Having opened this past year for BORNS in front of a crowd of over 1500 enthusiastic fans, it became quite evident that Divided Minds was creating quite the stir as a band to be noticed. Since ‘Perception’, Divided Minds has continued to grow both in their music and performances. With a recent signing to the We Are Triumphant label and the release of their newest music video “Don’t Get Too Close” from their forthcoming EP Mood Swings to be released April 6th, 2018, Divided Minds’ die-hard fans are poised and ready to once again be apart of this Alternative Rock sound that feels all the emotions as their new EP Mood Swings delivers.

Working with their booking agency M7 and label We Are Triumphant, Divided Minds is planning to begin touring regionally in 2018 and work their way across the U.S. this Spring and Summer of 2019. With their stand out songs and the fun presence they create with their fans at their live shows, there is something sweet and musically rocking Divided Minds brings to the world of music. You can catch Divided Minds Thursday, May 31st at Pub Rock Live and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Don’t Get Too Close” below 😀


Wednesday: The Lonesome Wilderness – Karma

The Lonesome Wilderness Photo

Desert garage rock filled with traces of surf rock, classic punk and psychedelic rock, all mixed with sounds of the American Southwest.

The Lonesome Wilderness is a Phoenix-based rock band, formed in 2011. Members include sex-panther Joe Golfen, his time-traveling brother Paul, rocknrolla Andrea Custer and Baron Brian Weis.

They originally drew their sound from surf, punk and 1960s influences, but while their backs were turned, some southwestern dust seeped under the door.

No only can you find them playing shows on ramshackle stages in dirt lots, backyards and dark bars, but you can find em live at Crescent Ballroom June 3rd. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to preview their song “Karma” below.


Thursday: Sundressed – So Poetic

Sundressed Summer Tour

“We’re all in this weird world together” is a perfectly suited mantra to describe Phoenix, Arizona’s Sundressed. The quote, from vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges’ description of the message behind his own lyrics, is hopeful and unifying – and thoroughly summarizes the band. Sundressed was initially created, in part, to help vocalist & songwriter Trevor Hedges maintain sobriety. Years later, the calm of a sober life has allowed Hedges to take his struggles and successes and refocus them to a broader scope. What’s truly remarkable is that he’s managed to achieve this without straying away from his signature mixture of self-deprecation and eager determination. What’s left is an uplifting take on the heavier aspects of life, inspiring hope without treading into trite or conceived territory.

The past two years have been monumentally prolific for Sundressed, releasing two EPs and a split with Nashville’s Secret Stuff in rapid succession between April 2015 and July 2016. Now, the five-piece outfit has readied their first full-length record, “A Little Less Put Together.” The LP (OUT NOW!) , full of syrupy, yet poignant pop-punk songs wrought with massive hooks and stark lyrical honesty, is a must-listen for fans of Saves the Day, The Starting Line, & Transit. The uptempo bounciness and complex vocal melodies of “Mill Ave and Broadway” call back to mid-era Relient K, while the melancholy, synth-tinged “A Little Less Put Together” shows the band taking influence from Motion City Soundtrack. Ultimately, “A Little Less Put Together” is a perfect windows-down-on-a-warm-spring-day kind of record – capable of tugging at heart strings, but also demanding singalong after singalong with its huge, addictive choruses. Catch Sundressed June 1st at The Rebel Lounge for their Northbound tour and on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram. Preview their music video for “So Poetic” below!


Friday:  Gorky – Action Pants

Gorky Action pants

Gorky is the band and music project of actor-writer Jesse Valencia, who made his feature film debut opposite Tom Sizemore in the 2016 indie crime drama ‘Durant’s Never Closes.’ His debut book, about infamous band The Brian Jonestown Massacre, is forthcoming from University of Hell Press. His friend Courtney Taylor-Taylor, of BJM’s rivals The Dandy Warhols, helped Jesse with ideas for producing “Action Pants,” even going so far as to tell the Gorky frontman he wished he’d written it himself. You can see Gorky this Sunday at Crescent Ballroom for the When In Az – Vol. 2 album party. Check out their song “Action Pants” below then give em a follow on Facebook and Twitter.