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Monday: Fake A Home – Broken Bones

Fake A Home band photo

A 5 piece hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Fake A Home has been around since the summer of 2017 and have been playing shows since. After recording our Debut EP “Feel Something” With Cameron Mizell (Sleeping With Sirens / Memphis May Fire) The band had gained massive traction throughout the scene. We have played 4 shows in total, all packing the house of places like Pub Rock Live, Sideroom Sessions, and 51 West. Check out their new music video for “Broken Bones” below then give em a follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear vote for them for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday: There is Danger – Sleep All Day

There Is Danger band photo

There Is Danger is a band from Phoenix, AZ that makes heartbreaking songs full of wanderlust, suitable for your next 4am drive out of town, slow-motion make out party, and/or junior prom ambien nightmare. Current performing lineup includes Ills Riske, Stefan Handlong, Daniel Ybarra, Marcus Steele, Jake Arrington, and Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker.

You can catch There Is Danger on Facebook and don’t forget to preview their song “Sleep All Day” below along with the rest of their album. If you like what you hear, vote to hear them again for The Song Of The Week at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday: Michael Coughlin – Slip

Michael Coughlin photo

Michael Coughlin in a singer song writer out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Preview Michael’s song “Slip” below then give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram. If you like what you hear, give em your vote for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Thursday: Sundressed – So Poetic

Sundressed Photo

“We’re all in this weird world together” is a perfectly suited mantra to describe Phoenix, Arizona’s Sundressed. The quote, from vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges’ description of the message behind his own lyrics, is hopeful and unifying – and thoroughly summarizes the band. Sundressed was initially created, in part, to help vocalist & songwriter Trevor Hedges maintain sobriety. Years later, the calm of a sober life has allowed Hedges to take his struggles and successes and refocus them to a broader scope. What’s truly remarkable is that he’s managed to achieve this without straying away from his signature mixture of self-deprecation and eager determination. What’s left is an uplifting take on the heavier aspects of life, inspiring hope without treading into trite or conceived territory.

The past two years have been monumentally prolific for Sundressed, releasing two EPs and a split with Nashville’s Secret Stuff in rapid succession between April 2015 and July 2016. Now, the five-piece outfit has readied their first full-length record, “A Little Less Put Together.” The LP (OUT NOW!) , full of syrupy, yet poignant pop-punk songs wrought with massive hooks and stark lyrical honesty, is a must-listen for fans of Saves the Day, The Starting Line, & Transit. The uptempo bounciness and complex vocal melodies of “Mill Ave and Broadway” call back to mid-era Relient K, while the melancholy, synth-tinged “A Little Less Put Together” shows the band taking influence from Motion City Soundtrack. Ultimately, “A Little Less Put Together” is a perfect windows-down-on-a-warm-spring-day kind of record – capable of tugging at heart strings, but also demanding singalong after singalong with its huge, addictive choruses. Catch Sundressed on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram. Preview their music video for “So Poetic” below!


Song Of The Week:

Fake A Home – Broken Bones