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Monday: Fayuca


Phoenix, Arizona based, Fayuca, is a Reggae-Rock/ Latino group, fronted by original member Gabo Fayuca. Their sound shifts through genres while blending modern-reggae melodies with Latin percussion, tied seamlessly by razor guitar riffs and progressive rock breakdowns.

Their music has been featured on MTV, Univision, FOX Sports and other popular TV networks. Fayuca’s instrumental, La Venganza, was hand picked by movie director Robert Rodriguez to be used as the main title theme to El Rey Network’s original series, MATADOR.

Currently backed by bass player, Mario Sepulveda, trumpet player, Danny Torgersen, drummer, Richard Duran, and percussionist, Arturo Sosa, the Quintette has become a national and international touring act. They have shared the stage with leaders in their genre like Molotov, 311, Cultura Profetica, Gondwana,  Slightly Stoopid, The Roots, Sublime with Rome, Damien Marley and many more.

While finishing high school in Tolleson, Arizona, Gabo sparked an interest for writing music and forming a bilingual-rock band. Since their first album release in 2004, Fayuca has launched four studio albums, including Barrio Sideshow, released on Fervor Records in 2013. Their songs promote Latino culture, good vibes, and self-identification. Touring insatiably between writing and recording music, Fayuca strives to inspire people around the world by spreading a message of courage, love, and empowerment. This Saturday, Fayuca are having a Fenix Beer Y Music Fest at Helio Basin Brewing Co. in Phoenix. 2 Stages, 13 bands, Vendors and a Beer Garden featuring their new extra pale ale “Fayuca RiZing”. This all ages event is only $10 with gates opening at 1p. You can also catch Fayuca on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Shoot It Up” feat. Jason DeVore below, if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday: Upsahl


Indie-Pop sensation, UPSAHL has every right to celebrate. Last year, she released her first proper single, “Can You Hear Me Now,” a bouncy, rhythmic, and poignant track that set the internet positively abuzz.

“It’s a message to someone on the other end of a failing relationship,” UPSAHL says of the song. “It’s the kind of relationship that has been dysfunctional for a long period of time to the point where one person decides it isn’t worth the stress, time, or energy anymore.”

Now, UPSAHL is gearing up for the release of her latest single, “Kiss Me Now,” on which she seamlessly blends elements of Indie Rock, Pop, and Electronica. Produced by Max Frost, “Kiss Me Now” officially drops on February 9th.

Given the maturity in her craft, it’s nearly impossible to believe that Taylor Upsahl, who goes by simply UPSAHL, recently tossed her mortarboard in the air as a high school graduate. For someone so young, the Phoenix, AZ native is a remarkably skilled singer, songwriter and performer.  It’s no wonder the Phoenix New Timesproclaimed that her “songwriting will blow you away” and that her songs “transcend her teenage years, with catchy lyrics and melodies relatable to all ages.”

A local darling for national touring acts in Phoenix, UPSAHL recently played the McDowell Mountain Music Festival, opening for artists like The Shins, Beck, and Flume.

Born into a musical family, UPSAHL started playing both guitar and piano at the age of 5. “My dad was touring in bands long before I was born,” shares UPSAHL, “so I was lucky enough to have a band room in my house all throughout my childhood. Having access to instruments and a thorough understanding of music allowed me to start writing my own stuff when I was 13.”

By the time she was 14, UPSAHL had written and released a self-titled EP, which gained much-deserved recognition throughout the Phoenix music scene. A graduate of the Arizona School for the Arts, a performing arts middle/high school, UPSAHL continued to hone her craft, while being classically trained on piano, guitar and choir every day.

Influenced by artists like The Shins, Spoon, Lorde and Beyonce, UPSAHL has an undeniable ability to write songs that can permeate your psyche, forcing you to tap into your deepest emotions.  “I like to maintain powerful and complex lyrics that are relatable to a variety of people in a variety of situations,” shares UPSAHL. “I especially like to write about relationships, friendships, politics and important cultural issues.”

2018 will see UPSAHL spending most of her time in Los Angeles working on music with a wide range of songwriters and producers, all the while releasing a constant flow of new material to the masses.

“I’m incredibly excited to see what’s next,” affirms UPSAHL. “Not only has my sound evolved, but so have I.” Upsahl is releasing a new song for Valentines Day called “Kiss Me Now”. Preview it on Valentine’s Day below, and if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday Replay at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!

Wednesday: Palm Springs Eternal

Palm Springs Eternal

Palm Springs Eternal is the latest emo revival act to rise from the Arizona music scene. The band, hailing from Phoenix, and not Palm Springs as the name may suggest, formed out of the ashes of members’ previous projects – coming together to create a sound that pays direct homage to all that came before. Most notably, Chuckie Duff’s former band Dear and the Headlights (Equal Vision) toured extensively including appearances made on major festivals like Lollapalooza, Warped Tour, and Coachella.

The lineup, composed of Duff, Charles Barth, Jesse Cole Ward, and Rob Kroehler formed out of mutual fandom of each other’s previous musical endeavors. Their intent was to draw on their shared history in the genre and approach crafting songs and sound in a lean and straightforward way, cutting out anything that felt overthought or self-conscious.

Palm Springs Eternal released their first single “Father Time” in December 2017, followed by their second single “Long Weekend” in January 2018. The band recently wrapped up time in the studio working on their first ever EP (not yet released) with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Recording. Preview their song “Long Weekend” below then give em a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you dig their song, let us know by voting to hear it again for the Friday Replay at the bottom of the page.


Thursday: Overplay

Overplay band

Overplay was formed in late 2017 by Michael Sefcik (guitarist), Saban Hyde (bassist), and Riley Rish (drums). Overplay will be releasing their first single for their upcoming summer 2018 album on February 16th. The single is titled ‘Whats Going On?’ and was produced by JJ Corirossi from Catalyst Studios. The track is about the world falling apart because of bad decisions, greed, and people blindly following because they don’t know better. Preview Overplay’s song “What’s Going On” below then give em a follow on Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, vote to hear them again for the Friday Replay at the bottom of the page.