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Monday: Janae Dunn – Waves

 Janae Dunn is a singer-songwriter and actress born and raised in Arizona. Dunn is her own unique musical tapestry, integrating the many styles and sounds that have plucked her heart-strings over the course of her journey. She is “fresh pop” with authenticity. Her newly release album titled “Gonna Be Alright” launched last month in which she had a chance to co-produce closely as well with Arizona’s on-the-rise engineer/producer Erick Morina of Morina Studios. This mosaic of songs will set the stage for who Dunn is an artist…and it’s just the beginning! From empowering fight songs like “Waves”, confetti tracks like “Sour” and “Be Alright”, to some of her more vulnerable moments like “Covers” and “When You Only Think About Yourself” — no matter the song, you will catch yourself gripping to the ebbs and flows of emotions as you ride the sound waves of each song, feeling all the feels! Her music reflects her values– self-worth, positive vibes, and redemption. Even in the heartbreak you will hear the “silver” streaming within the lyrics. Her purpose with her music is to aim to provide strength and a brighter perspective on life. That it’s OK to feel everything– even the pain. Find those gems beneath our rubble, dig ’em out, and just let ’em shine! Catch Janae on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube. Preview her song “Waves” below, if you love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page. 


Tuesday:  Belaganas – Crumbs

Belaganas is a band formed in Phoenix, Arizona that performs alternative hip -hop and bedroom pop. Formed by frontmen/vocalists Joey J and Shanker, the band also features drummer Nick Willie and are known for their captivating live performances and emotionally charged music. The trio began writing music in summer 2016 and since then has released a number of singles detailing teen angst and punk-style anthems delivered through hip-hop sonics. You can find Belaganas this Friday, March 22nd at The Valley Bar w/ Luna Aura and online on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out their track “Crumbs” below, if ya dig, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: Luna Aura – Crash Dive

Genre-bending alternative powerhouse Luna Aura is hell bent on paving her own path to stardom. The singer, songwriter, producer, and triple threat delivers songs that are brimming with messages of rebellion, feminism, individuality, and are far from ordinary.

Luna, who began penning songs and performing at age 14, has already shared stages with The Killers, K.Flay, Muse, Weezer, Garbage, P!nk, Odesza, and more of music’s biggest names. She has spent time on the festival market, playing KAABOO, Lost Lake, So What Music Fest, EMERGE and many others. Her work and artistry has been featured in GQ, Teen Vogue, NYLON, Idolator, MTV, VH1, Ones To Watch and more.

As of late, the LA-via-Phoenix native joined forces with JT Daly for her newest single “Crash Dive”, a visceral and red-blooded lead to her upcoming album entitled “Three Cheers for the American Beauty”. Aura draws on childhood influences like Garbage, NIN, Hole and Gwen Stefani. Her latest work feels fresh, dynamic, and aggressive. Perfectly matched with her vibrant, in-your-face, live performances.

Packed full of new releases, features, festivals and live shows, Luna Aura has a busy and electrifying year ahead. Catch Luna Aura this Friday, March 22nd at The Valley Bar  and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview her song “Crash Dive” when we release it March 20th. If you like what you hear, vote for it as the song of the week at the bottom of the page. 


Thursday: Paper Foxes – 

 Paper Foxes are a rock band from the shadows of Arizona’s underground music scene. Termed “death disco” by Phoenix New Times, the quintet have cultivated their sound from a mixture of post-punk and New Wave influences, leading one fan to describe them as “a missing link between New Order and The Strokes.” Their cult following has propelled them to appearances with Hunny, Poptone, Dreamers, The Chamanas and many more acclaimed touring acts, while their EPs “Devil on My Shoulder” and “Strawberry Lashes” have garnered frequent radio play and the keen interest of the regional press. Comprised of CJ Jacobson (vocals/guitar), Uche Ujania (vocals/bass), Patro Gaston (synths/vocals), Jahlani Ujania (drums), and Oliver Lemke (guitar/vocals), Paper Foxes are currently preparing their first LP “Pop Confessions” with the help of legendary producer Bob Hoag. Catch Paper Foxes at Humdinger Music Festival this Saturday at Mesa Amp. Preview their new song “Dance of the Dead” below then give em a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, vote for them to get a replay at the bottom of the page. 


Song of the Week:

Belaganas – Crumbs