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This Week On Homegrown: Katastro, The Lonesome Wilderness, The Echo Bombs and The Technicolors!



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Katastro New Band Photo

Katastro formed in 2007 in Tempe, Arizona by Andy Chaves (Vocalist) Andrew Stravers (Drummer) and Tanner Riccio (Guitarist). Later on Ryan Weddle (bassist) joined the band to complete the current lineup. Katastro gained a quick following by creatively blending elements of rock, funk, blues and hip hop.
There is no sign of the band slowing down anytime soon as they recently signed with LAW Records, which is owned and operated by the members of the music group Pepper. In September 2016, Katastro released their latest album, “Strange Nights”, produced by Kaleo Wassman (Pepper) and Mike Sutherland. The first single off the record was “Waste The Night” featuring Jared Watson of the Dirty Heads. If you’ve never heard them acoustically, you’re in luck! They just dropped a new acoustic album that will leave you wanting more! Pick up “Bones” on iTunes or Spotify. Catch Katastro on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube and Soundcloud. Check out their acoustic version and music video for

“Alone” below, then vote to hear it again for the Friday replay, at the bottom.




The Lonesome Wilderness Photo

Desert garage rock filled with traces of surf rock, classic punk and psychedelic rock, all mixed with sounds of the American Southwest.

The Lonesome Wilderness is a Phoenix-based rock band, formed in 2011. Members include sex-panther Joe Golfen, his time-traveling brother Paul, rocknrolla Andrea Custer and Baron Brian Weis.

They originally drew their sound from surf, punk and 1960s influences, but while their backs were turned, some southwestern dust seeped under the door.

No only can you find them playing shows on ramshackle stages in dirt lots, backyards and dark bars, but you can find em live at Last Exit Live Saturday, August 19th. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to preview their song “Alright” below. If you love it, show em your love by voting to hear em again for the Friday Replay.



The Echo Bombs are a band from Phoenix Arizona that formed in 2012 bringing together the sounds of 60’s garage like The Sonics and The Stooges with pop sensibilities akin to Weezer and Pixies. The band consists of driving bass by Daniel Endicott, the dynamic drumming of Michael Regan and frantic guitar work by Eddie Horn whose bratty sardonic vocals paint daily life into surf punk drenched pop tunes. The Echo Bombs recordings mirror their live performance with sloppy nuance and an abundance of energy. You catch The Echo Bombs playing live at Last Exit Live, August 19th and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Biter” below and if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.


The Technicolors New Band Photo

First discovered on planet Zahr by space nuns, The Technicolors actually started out as most bands do:  as a grain of sand.

Galactic winds carried this fated grain of sand from its home planet (Gunrxxxxxth) to Zahr, where a crew of savage space nuns had stopped on a sonic mining mission.

It was clear that this grain of sand had a mysterious ability to make any space nun who grasped it burst into frantic and uncontrollable dance.  They quickly realized that, on a molecular and ribonucleaic level, there was more going on here than met the eye.  The space nuns took it back to their scientific headquarters on Nort, where a team of researchers worked on cracking the atomic code necessary to unlock the mystery of the grain’s unexplained melodic fury.

The original team of researchers spent most of their lives working on this grain of sand, but eventually they all retired and a new group of scientists took over, one of whom accidentally knocked over the Petri dish in his first weekend, sending the grain out into the AC ducts of the complex.

Over the next sixteen years, the grain of sand slowly bonded on an atomic level with the waste products of the space bugs which inhabited the duct work of the slowly decaying structure (the scientists lost their funding when the grain of sand disappeared).

No one is sure when the sand/space bug poop became sentient and split into five separately conscious pieces, but in the late 70s, a NASA document surfaced which exposed the US Government’s plan to “blow up that planet that rocks too much”.  Although heavily redacted, the document did mention that an escape pod was seen evacuating the planet as it exploded.

The pod was traced to the desert outside Santa Claus, AZ.  Local legend has it that there were five babies in the escape pod, each one clad only in a galactic diaper made out of a different photo of Jeff Lynne.

Local dune buggy builders raised these five babies, and on a massive 21st birthday party for the youths (it is assumed they all share the same birthday, although the reasoning for this has never been explained), despite a lifetime of building dune buggies, they all picked up various musical instruments and proceeded to play a 45 minute set that witnesses describe as “powerful on a sub-atomic level” and subsequently blasted out of the town with jet packs whose existence had never even been known.

They settled in Phoenix and decided to write and play music under the name The Technicolors (named after their bionic eyes which glow different colors based on their mood) and, while being one of Phoenix’s most exciting musical exports, are almost definitely a threat to national security. You can find The Technicolors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Congratulation, You’re A Doll” and their music video below, then show them your love in the form of votes at the bottom of the page, for the Friday Replay.

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