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Monday: Overplay – Late Nights


Overplay is a three-piece Pop Rock group from Glendale, Arizona. “Stop Dragging Me Down” is the classic 2000s jam about the girlfriend being taken away by the jock. This is filled with loud and energetic instrumentation to support to the pop rock/punk rock style. The vocals are sending a very hard hitting message to people, saying not to let anything drag them down and to let go of things stopping them from being happy. Preview Overplay’s song “Late Nights”  off their new EP The End then give em a follow on Twitter and Instagram.  If you like what you hear, vote to hear them again for the Song Of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday: This Modern – Runaway

This Modern photo

This Modern is a genre-defying band from Phoenix, Arizona. Although the project is new on the scene, the players are not. This Modern is the brainchild of long time friends and collaborators, Marcus Reardon (Vocals), Sean Whiteman (Drummer), Timo Willsey (Backup Vocals/Tracks), Tre Scott (Guitar), Ricky Espinoza (Guitar) and Harry Martinez (Bass). Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of influences and previous projects, the group set out to blend alt rock, post hardcore and hip hop elements to form high- energy, genre-blending music. Sean Whiteman and Timo Willsey (formerly of Keep Your Distance) engineered and produced the new track, “Runaway” at, Interchange Audio in Mesa, AZ. Marcus Reardon, Harry Martinez, and Ricky Espinoza (from Teammate Markus) hopped on board and added a unique hip hop flare. Tre Scott (of Amor) joined in October, completing the dream team. The band will release their debut single, “Runaway,” on November 2nd along with a video directed by Jacob Reynolds (The Agony Scene, Slaves, Dropout Kings).  “Runaway” is the first of a series of singles to be released in early 2019.  Catch This Modern performing live on the Main Stage at the Mesa Music Festival on November 10th  or on Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram. Check out their latest track “Runaway” below, if ya dig it… vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: AustinNAmelia – Cruisin’


An Alternative Pop duo from Phoenix, Arizona. AustnAmelia creates dynamic waves with contagious melodies featuring elements of Dance, Hip Hop, Folk, Acoustic, Electronic and Soul. You can find AustnAmelia on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Preview their debut song “Cruisin” below, if you love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.

Thursday: All Rights Reserved – Arizona Rain

All Rights Reserved cover art

All Rights Reserved was formed in 2010 in the suburban Phoenix city of Mesa, Arizona. ARR’s members consist of Lead Guitar Player, Hytham Mousa, Lead singer and Guitar player, Craig Hanson, Bassist Andrew Bouk, and drummer Brad O’Brien. The band pays a mixture of original rock tunes with varying influences throughout the decades. The music ranges from angst riddled Punk to Alternative Pop Rock.

With the innate desire to form a band and express his artistic abilities, Craig Hanson, a Montana native, teamed up with native Arizonan Andrew Bouk. Via Craigslist (no pun intended) Craig and Drew discovered the immensely talented lead guitarist in Hytham, whom grew up in a desert on the other side of the world in Egypt – and exceptional drummer Brad, originally from Michigan.

The band co-writes the songs with Singer/Songwriter Craig as the catalyst. As Craig is often quoted saying, “The songs pretty much write themselves.” An idea, riff, or beat by someone and everyone dives in with creative input to produce a song.

After breaking the local music scene in venues across the valley in the years prior to 2015, All Rights Reserved released their first album which is self titled, “All Rights Reserved.” The debut ARR album includes fan favorites such as “Won’t Give Up,” “Cameras,” and “Couch Potato.” That same year ARR Band was successfully launched on Pandora, Spotify, and I Tunes and began to build a beautiful fan base from around the globe. ARR Band says: “Our amazing fans fuel our desire to continue to create the best music we can make, and we are humbled and forever grateful for their support. We love you fans!!!” You can catch ARR at the Mesa Music Festival on Facebook and Youtube and preview their song “Arizona Rain” below. If you love it, vote to hear em again for the Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.

Song Of The Week:

AustnAmelia – “Cruisin”