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Monday: Pushing Pluto – Insanity


Pushing Pluto is a three-piece alternative rock band from Gilbert, Arizona, which came together in January 2016. Some of our influences are the Smiths, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin and The Cure. In February 2018, we finished recording our first Demo EP and hope our passion for creating music will carry us through to the point where we can make a living doing what we love! Give em a follow on Facebook and Instagramthen preview their song “Insanity” below! If ya like what ya hear, vote to hear em again for Song of the Week on Friday, at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday: No Refills – Less Than 3

No Refills band

No Refills brings you nostalgic pop-punk music from Phoenix, AZ. With influences from bands like Green Day, New Found Glory, Blink 182, and Four Year Strong, No Refills brings something new to the pop-punk forefront. Tyler Drosendahl is on Guitar/Vocals, Adam West is on Drums, and Matthew Bacsalmasi is on Bass/Vocals. You can catch No Refills playing live at 51 West, May 31st and you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Preview their song “Less Than 3” below, if ya dig it… give em your vote for song of the week at the bottom of the page!


Wednesday: Constellations – Frostbite

Constellations band

Constellations is a heavy hitting, five piece, alternative-rock band based out of Mesa Arizona. Forming in 2015, Constellations immediately went to work writing original material. In the winter of 2016, the band recorded what would come to be known as ‘Two Faced’, their debut EP. The three song compilation was released in April of 2017. After over a year of playing shows across the valley, the band released their follow up single, “Frostbite”, alongside its music video brought to life by Daniel Wand. Give Constellations a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even preview their song “Frostbite” below. If ya dig it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week on Friday, at the bottom of the page.

Thursday: Thoughts Like Rockets – Cardiac Fires


thoughts like rockets band photo

Thoughts Like Rockets is a high energy alternative rock band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The group originated in 2013 and has played various clubs, venues, and events across Phoenix such as the Marquee Theater, Tempe Marketplace, Joe’s Grotto, Club Red, the Nile, Mesa Music Festival, Rebel Lounge, the Blooze bar, & the Arizona State Fair to name a few. Currently, they just finished recording their latest acoustic single “Cardiac Fires” which was recorded at Tuff Tones Studio by Mike Oliver. See them live at Chopper Johns this Saturday, July 21st and follow em on Facebook and Instagram. Preview their song “Cardiac Fires” below, if ya dig it, vote to hear em again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


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Constellations band