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This Week On Homegrown: Second Go, Daisy, Fine China and We Honor Billie Russell of Contradiktion



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In memory of Billie Russell from Contradiktion and The Let Me Downs

Billie Russell Contradiktion

The local music scene in Arizona is a beautiful and colorful art piece. Each band and artist that originates from Arizona, provides a shade of color that adds more depth to the art. And when one shade of color fades out, the artwork loses a color that helped make it what it was. That is why it sadness me to say, we’ve lost a beautiful shade of color in our local work of art. Billie Russell, the lead singer of the Glendale punk band Contradiktion and The Let Me Downs has passed away at the young age of 30. The first time I had met Billie was at Pot of Gold last year. They were playing the local stage and he came up and introduced himself. From there I would see him at all the punk shows, laughing and enjoying the night. I only had the pleasure of hanging out with Billie a few times during shows but every time, he was a ton of fun and just the nicest guy. I felt like it would only be right to honor him by playing a song of his on Homegrown.  The last song I had featured of theirs was “No Slowing Down” that I would like to play for you again, for Billie. There is a memorial fundraiser for Billie on GoFundMe.com



Tuesday: Daisy

Daisy band photo

DAISY is a pop-fueled indie/alternative rock band based out of Phoenix, AZ. With influences ranging from The Killers and Imagine Dragons, to U2 and The 1975; DAISY creates a unique and energy-filled sound filled with anthemic music and feel-good lyrics. Their personalities both on and off stage are the focal point of their philosophy that “Music should bring everyone together, build relationships, heal the soul, and make you want to get up and dance”. Preview Daisy’s song “Don’t Tell Me” below then feel free to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, vote to hear them again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: Fine China

Fine China band Photo

Fine China was formed in Phoenix in 1997. Soon after, they released their rst 2 EP’s and a 7″ on So Cal indie label Velvet Blue
Music. The band went on to tour extensively and to release 3 additional full length records on various labels until 2005. The
most recent release, The Jaws of Life, received wide critical nods, and TV show placements.
In December of 2016 Jaws was re-issued on 12″ vinyl with a newly recorded bonus track (to coincide with a 10 year reunion
show). Fine China has always been a guitar-driven, pop band at heart, and the new track did not disappoint. It was met with
lots of applause and the vinyl quickly sold out.
Now twelve years after their last album, Fine China is back home with a full length recording for Velvet Blue Music, exactly
twenty years after their rst recordings for the same label ! This new batch of songs was recorded in songwriter Rob Withem’s
studio over the past year, and were mixed by Bob Hoag, the band’s longtime producer and engineer, at Flying Blanket
Recording in Mesa, AZ. Get their new full length, entitled Not Thrilled, out now! . Preview their song “Anybody Else” below then follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, vote to hear them again for the Friday replay at the bottom of the page.


Thursday: Second Go!

Second Go! band photo

We are an Alternative Rock band from Scottsdale Arizona called Second GO!. Our music is a mix of fast and catchy pop-punk, as well as headbangin’ rock n’ roll. We formed over 5 years ago and have consistently played local venues and have released original music as much as we can write it. We have released a full length album, 2 singles, a music video and 3 EP’s of all original music since we first began playing music together back in 2012. We are a fun-loving bunch and we try not to take ourselves too seriously, as well as writing music that comes from the heart. Check out their music video for “Party’s Over” then give em a follow on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube.