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Monday: Soft Deadlines – Time To Shine

Soft deadlines photo

Delving into the world of moody, guitar-driven dance rock, Soft Deadlines have emerged from the Phoenix garage punk scene as force to be reckoned with. Soft Deadlines is Oliver Lemke (vocals/guitar/bass), Chad Cussen (guitar/bass), and Parker Douglas (drums). A mix between Gang of Four, Television and Bloc Party, Soft Deadlines balances the fine line between catchy, dancey hooks and pensive post-punk.

Filled with slick, infectious riffs, Go Dark, the full-length follow-up to 2014’s Critic and their 2013 EP Nice Try, details how every fix only creates new problems. “Everyone is looking for a way out of something,” explains Frontman Oliver Lemke. “Maybe it’s a state of anxiety and paranoia, or a relationship, or the loneliness and guilt that follow ending a relationship. But it’s always something.”

The title Go Dark refers to a Cold War espionage term about disappearing from the radar. “You can read the title a number of different ways, but all of them are sinister,” Lemke says. “Critic is a guitar pop record with a few jagged edges. This time around we wanted to do something darker and more propulsive, drawing a bit on the Factory Records philosophy that punk music and club music could be one and the same.”

Recorded at Stem Recording in Paradise Valley and The Red Room in Phoenix, Go Dark also explores themes such as partying to dull the pain, as well as the wealth of disinformation plaguing mainstream media and the internet. Oh, and also kittens! Check out Soft Deadlines on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Time to Shine” below and if you love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday: Whstle – Bad Decisions


WHSTLE is a Phoenix-based band that combines powerful electronic hits with eclectic folk rock anthems. Band members Saydi, Will & Jake draw from their pop/rock, electronic, and soulful singer-songwriter roots to create a cinematic vibe with intimate lyrics. Catch WHSTLE on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Check out their new song “Bad Decisions” below, if you like what you hear, vote for them for Song Of The Week at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: Luxxe – You Outta Know


LUXXE is a contemporary/folk-pop act hailing from the deserts of Phoenix, AZ. The band released their sophomore EP “Rolling Thunder” in May, 2016, featuring infectious choruses and inevitable summer-anthems. Vocalist Seth Smades’ addicting rasp and vivid storytelling makes for an indie/pop slam dunk. You can catch Luxxe at their farewell show Saturday, October 20th at Pub Rock Live. Check out their cover of “You Outta Know” below, if ya love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Thursday: Wanderer – Miss You More At Night

Wanderer skyline

Wanderer is the cinematic pop project from singer/songwriter, Adam Simons. Created in the heart of the Arizona desert in 2016, his debut EP – C I T Y – took him from beloved local musician to nationally recognized talent, embarking on several tours and supporting major label acts on sold out shows.

As an independent artist, Wanderer’s music has already been featured on MTV, Sirius XM, FM radio, and seen over one million streams on Spotify alone. Simons’ goal above all else is to create music that makes you feel something – whether it be the soundtrack for a midnight drive, the pangs of a complicated love, or the nostalgia in remembering younger years. He continues to write and record music while traveling, finding inspiration amidst the adventure. Wanderer’s second musical statement – Skyline – continues his journey, with four new tracks of sultry, 80s-tinged pop music, and a refined sound to not only his production, but his artistic style. Catch Wanderer at Pub Rock for Luxxe’s farewell show, Saturday October 20th. If you dig his latest song “Miss You more At Night” then vote to hear it again for the Song of The Week at the bottom of the page.


Song of the Week: Luxxe – “You Outta Know” (cover)