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This Week On Homegrown: The Jesus Ponies, Ben Anderson, Whstle and Decker!



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Monday: The Jesus Ponies

The Jesus Ponies pic

The Jesus Ponies a side project of local musicians Ben Hall and Byron Carrick. This is what happens when a couple of ideas over a few too many beers blossoms in one of the Phoenix areas greatest studios. The record itself is all over the place but probably holds a definitive 90’s rock meets grunge feel on the heavier tracks, leaving room for a softer feel with the rest of the record. Check out their song “Cut” then give them a follow on Facebook. If you like what you hear, give them a vote for a replay on Friday, at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday: Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson Youtopia

Music is the beautiful combination of structure and artistic expression. Phoenix born Singer-songwriter Ben Anderson writes and performs with balance as his mantra.

Anderson’s gift for strong melody, harmony, and lyrical content is consistent, even if his sound ventures into other styles of music. His bluesy, soulful voice is a rich blend of John Mayer, Sam Smith, and Jack Johnson. While his soft vocals caress you, but the music behind the caress delivers a satisfying jolt.

In 2014, Anderson recorded his first EP Roosevelt Row over at Grand Canyon Records with AZ studio legend Jack Miller under the helm. The 4-song EP only features acoustic guitar and Anderson’s vocals. The song’s lyrics are lighter in nature and the music is appreciated for its simplicity.

In the summer of 2015, Anderson enlisted Olivier Zahm of Electric Lotus Music to produce his second EP. Having the desire to expand his sound both musically and lyrically, Zahm was the perfect complement. Where the Lights Go?, a fully produced, four song EP was released in 2016 to acclaim by critics and listeners. Check out Ben Anderson’s “Goodbye Serenity” below then give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram. If you like what you hear, give them a vote for a replay on Friday, at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: Whstle


WHSTLE is a Phoenix-based band that combines powerful electronic hits with eclectic folk rock anthems. Band members Saydi, Will & Jake draw from their pop/rock, electronic, and soulful singer-songwriter roots to create a cinematic vibe with intimate lyrics. Check out their song “Loaded Gun” below then give em a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like what you hear, give them a vote for a replay on Friday, at the bottom of the page.


Thursday: decker.

decker. - band photo

It’s with a wry wink at his bank account, then, that decker. named his new career-spanning album Into The Red. Primarily comprising tracks from the six studio records he’s released under the name decker. since 2009, Into The Red offers a bird’s eye view of decker’s remarkable journey as a fearless songwriter and relentless performer. The collection reveals him to be a craftsman of the highest caliber, one who’s carved a bittersweet catalog of heartrending gems out of the unforgiving stone that is a lifetime spent pursuing dreams. He writes what The Dallas Morning News has described as “dramatic, emotionally enveloping songs,” which is to say that his music transports you, grabs you by the collar and takes you on a journey.

“Everything about what we do as artists needs to be about an experience, about making people feel and think,” he explains. “The reason to perform is to inspire.”

For decker, inspiration most often comes from the natural beauty that surrounds him in his adopted hometown of Sedona, Arizona. Into The Red’s title also serves as a not-so-subtle tip of the cap to his fascination with the area’s distinctive geology.

“Sedona is this red rock land that looks like Mars,” says decker. “I grew up in the Midwest and I’ve been all over the place, but Sedona is the first place that really felt like home. I don’t think I’ve ever really written a song outside of Sedona. It’s this fertile little embryo for creation.”

When decker first moved to the small desert town roughly eight years ago, he had little more than ambition to his name. Working by himself in a makeshift bedroom studio, he recorded his 2009 debut, Long Days, on a shoestring budget. He followed it up with critically acclaimed album after critically acclaimed album, writing and recording at the extraordinary clip of nearly a record-per-year. As decker’s songwriting progressed, so did decker.’s lineup, and the project grew to encompass additional musicians, bolder arrangements, and more sophisticated recording techniques as it garnered love from press and radio around the country.
You can find decker. at The Valley Bar Feb. 10th and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Check out his song “I Want To Be Your Dog” below. If you love it, please give him your love votes at the bottom of the page for the Friday Replay!


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