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Monday: Weslynn – Strangers

In the dust of the Arizona desert, WESLYNN was created by three long time friends and schoolmates: Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, and Kevin Holmes. They quickly gained a devoted fan base while playing coffee shops, cover gigs, and releasing original home recordings online. WESLYNN’s first EP titled ‘Dark Days’ and their follow-up single, “What Went Wrong,” produced by David Dreas (Nashville, TN). The album and single opened up doors for the band, creating the opportunity to tour, headline festivals and share the stage with touring acts, like From Indian Lakes. Along with the professional success, came personal adversity and tragedy that inspired their music and strengthened their bond.

Greg Olin said, “Everything we have been through has brought us closer together. We have individually had so many personal trials, but when we start playing music, it all fades away. The world is constantly changing & throwing tragedy into our lives, but WESLYNN has given us the opportunity to rally around each other and made us even closer friends. This music is a direct response to those hard times of love and loss.”

WESLYNN’s sophomore EP ‘Black + Champagne’ was recorded with veteran producer, Dan Parker (Phoenix, AZ). Parker was also at the helm for the singles, “Here To Stay,” “Stop the World,” and their newest offering- “Strangers.” Named one of the “10 Phoenix Area Bands to Watch in 2019” by the Phoenix New Times, they are “excited to start a new chapter with a new sound.” WESLYNN blends their fresh pop sound and  classic rock style with smooth vocals, haunting harmonies, and grooving guitar vibes. The band continues to focus on writing new material and is eager to keep sharing their music with fans all over the world. You can follow Weslynn on FacebookTwitter and Instagram then preview their song “Strangers” below. Let us know what you think of the song at the bottom of the page, by voting for them for Song of the Week. 


Tuesday: The Senators – Wild Wide Open

“Each of us grew up with music in very different ways. We were high-school band geeks, we spun our parents Beatles vinyl as loud as we could get away with, we started crappy punk bands from our garage.

Music brought us together in Phoenix, and we gave life to melodies that had been in my head for years. It took some time to realize that our songs, at their core, stem from the the stories we share with each other and the city we’re from. These songs speak to love, family, community and the simple beauty of the Southwest.

Now, we want to share with you what we’ve found together.”

– Jesse from The Senators

Give them a follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram  and catch The Senators Ep Release Show on May 18th at The Valley Bar. Preview their song “Wild Wide World” below, if ya dig it… Vote to hear it again for the song of the week at the bottom of the page! 


Wednesday: Halle Abadi – Pandora’s Box

Halle Abadi is a 17 year old singer, songwriter from Arizona that’s been performing since the age of 12. Her song “Pandora’s Box” is about the complexity of showing your true self to your significant other, and feeling like who you are deep down is “too much” for the other person to handle. “Pandoras Box” also touches on the fear of not being interested in someone after opening up and showing everything that lies beyond the surface. Keeping them far enough away, in an effort to preserve the relationship, yet longing for that deeper connection, truly is the major theme that inspired the composition of this record. You can follow Halle on Facebook and Instagram. Preview her song below, if you love it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page. 


Thursday: Alex Mullins – Never Going Back Again

Alex Mullins is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Phoenix Arizona. Alex has been playing throughout Arizona as well as the greater southwest for the past 5 years both solo and with his former band, Alex Mullins and The Royal. After the Disbanding of The Royal in 2017, Alex resumed his solo career with a folk, funk, soul and pop flare that stays true to his roots from growing up to the sounds of Queen, U2 and countless others. He has opened for Secondhand Serenade, Ronnie Winter -Defoe of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Charming Liars. Catch Alex on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Check out Alex’s newest single, “Never Going Back Again” below, if you dig it, vote to hear it again for the Song of The Week at the bottom of the page.


Song of the Week:

The Senators – Wild Wide Open