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This Week On Homegrown With Mo: Daisy, No Volcano, New Chums & Elias Black

Homegrown 2.13.17



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Daisy band photo


DAISY is an Alternative Pop band with influences from iconic household names like U2, Coldplay, The Police, The Killers, and any other stadium ready rock bands that have left their mark on our culture. From blissful melodies and lavish guitar tones, to heart pounding bass, keys and drums, DAISY is a band worth listening too. the The band is singer, Anthony Perre, Lead guitarist Michael Petry, Bass and Keys by Ty Kidd, and drums by Dylan Kielly. The band formed in 2013 and recorded their debut EP titled, “In Retrospect” to be released Last December. Their Single “All My Life” was picked on 4 National and International playlists generating what is now some 164k streams. DAISY has finished recording their second EP and will be ready for release by the end of the year, followed by a first west coast tour up through California. You can find DAISY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Listen and vote for their song “Hear You” below:




Sunnyslope Arizona’s own No Volcano brings together four musical talents unafraid of including more than one idea or point of view in a song or music video, like real thinking people. And yet they are undeniably a pop band, one that recalls any and all rock made during its more experimental phases and infused it with a new accessibility, energy and eclecticism so lacking in the today’s scattered pop landscape.

Before forming in 2013, Chris Kennedy (drums) and Jim Andreas (guitar/vocals) were in one of Phoenix’s most exciting bands of The Nineties, Trunk Federation, who were signed to Alias Records. No Volcano unites the heart and soul of that band with Jeremy Randall (guitarist) of Colorstore and Jake Sevier (bass).
And they’ve wasted no time, opening shows for Ride, The Radar Brothers, Quasi and Jacco Gardner and garnering accolades from the Arizona Republic and Phoenix New Times the latter describing No Volcano as “a serious band for serious times.”

The band issued its debut album Who Saved The Party in 2015 and are about to drop jaws when it drops Dead Horse Power, on the Sunnyslope based Onus records label. The band has already previewed the album with the single “Blackout” and its arresting video, directed by award winning, multi-media animator Jason Willis. Check out No Volcano on Facebook, then listen and vote for  their song “Walk Into A Wall” below:




New Chums: Tuolumne (pronounced to-wall-a-me) is not just the northern California County where front man, Seth Boyack, grew up. As he developed his love for music, learned to play guitar, and sang in the choir, he also began to set his sights on fronting his own band. Now as the singer/guitarist/songwriter for New Chums, it was only fitting to name the band’s debut EP, Tuolumne (released September 2015) for the place where it began.

New to the Phoenix, Arizona music scene after playing guitar for indie rock bands in Salt Lake City, Austin, and assorted northern California cities, Seth began the inevitable Craigslist search to build his own band. From the Philadelphia music scene came bassist Greg Winters – a songwriter himself, with a knack for writing melodic guitar and bass parts. After going through a handful of drummers, New Chums hired Bostonian Ben Hedlund, a solid indie rock drummer with a nice resume, and plenty of song arrangement ideas.

With the band solidified, they began sifting through Seth’s catalog of songs to get a set together, and start playing shows around Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. It would be from this selection of songs that New Chums would choose the first five to head into the studio and record the aforementioned EP. With Curtis Grippe (Dead Hot Workshop) producing, the band quickly recorded their indie rock debut in a week’s time during the summer of 2015. While spending the next couple of months mixing and mastering the EP, the band continued to work on solidifying their live show taking any dates they could get.

After only a couple months since the release of Tuolumne on CD, iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora, the New Chums began to gain some traction with online radio play, excellent reviews, and the growth of their fan base. With an eye on larger shows, the band brought in guitarist Chad Bergman, from Minneapolis, to fill out the sound with clever guitar leads, and help the band win some trivia matches.

With comparisons to Interpol, Jimmy Eat World, the Strokes, and others, new fans of the band should keep an eye open for New Chums in Arizona clubs. The band plans to begin touring the east and west coasts, as well as playing festivals. You can find New Chums on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out their song “Come On, Come On” and vote below:



Elias Black Photo

Elias Black’s solo debut is all raw guitars, lurking bass, and sneering angst. Dirty and imperfect alternative rock n’ roll; that’s how Black describes it. Thrashing and contemptuous at some points, withdrawn and reflective at others, Elias Black is an exploration of the world-weary human condition. His self-titled debut is a 33-minute concentration of power and fragility. You can find Elias Black on Facebook and InstagramCheck out and vote for his song “Black Flag” below:

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