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This Week On Homegrown With Mo: Escaping Phoenix, Wanderer, Fairy Bones and DAISY!



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EPHX Logo edited

Escaping Phoenix, a.k.a. EPHX, is not just a band, its an idea. An idea captured in the heart of every soul-searching, wide-eyed dreamer in the world. But the love of the members’ own home towns are deeply embeded in the lyrics and message of the music. We all must be proud of where we come from, but dare to venture forward into new unknows.

The members of EPHX are Adam Garcia (Lead Vocals), Aaron Garcia (Bass, Vocals), Charlie Carrillo (Lead Guitar), Jason Newcomer (Rhythm Guitar), and Vini Severino (Drums). All with an extensive backround in the indie pop-punk genre and teamed together for the sole purpose of performing ear-gasming songs for fans to charish all over the globe. They encourage fans to strongly stand their ground, dream big, pay attention to the passing sands of the hourglass, bravely walk the plank, and try to see another side of themselves. With two cross-country tours, countless full capacity local shows, a full length LP and a more recent EP, staggering merch sales, and a charisma that just can’t be matched, these boys are ready for the next step in becoming America’s next favorite band. You catch Escaping Phoenix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Hourglass” below, then if ya love it, VOTE to hear it again at the bottom of the page for the Friday Replay 😀




Wanderer is the new solo project from singer and guitarist Adam Simons (SIY-MUNS). Based out of Tempe, Wanderer brings elements of indie rock, 80s pop, and R&B together to create his songs. Influenced by a range of artists from Fleetwood Mac to John Mayer and The Weeknd, his goal is to make records with a cinematic feel – “I want my music to be a soundtrack for the best times in your life.” His third single, “Call Me Crazy” is available now on iTunes and Spotify, and is part of his highly-anticipated debut EP, CITY, out now! Catch Wanderer at The Rebel Lounge with Redlands Wednesday June 14th and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview his song “Call Me Crazy” below and if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday Replay at the bottom of the page:



Fairy Bones Suffer

Fairy Bones: Imagine epic, dramatic alternative-pop songs sent out to the back rows of a stadium by a charismatic force of nature, who could more than hold her own against whatever Florence Welch could throw her way, sharing space on a stunning debut with songs that filter lofty art-rock sensibilities through the reckless abandon of punk. That was “Dramabot,” the debut album with which Fairy Bones confirmed their standing on the front ranks of the Phoenix music scene. Where most bands take years to find the right lineup and chemistry, Fairy Bones found it immediately when life long friends Chelsey Louise and Robert Ciuca joined forces with brothers Benjamin and Matthew Foos. As Louise recalls that fateful meeting, “It was like two halves coming together to form a whole, instead of four strangers trying to figure each other out.” A point that Fairy Bones considers essential to their success not just as a band, but as family as well. Though their sound has been characterized in every way from glam punks to arena rock, Fairy Bones has worked tirelessly from the beginning to craft a sound and style that was all their own. As Chelsey puts it, “It was important to us when we started to not discuss genre. Why waste your time trying to be something that already exists? It may be a harder path since there is no mold for you to fit into, but I think it’s a more rewarding path.” A decision that became the defining characteristic of their debut album “Dramabot.” Enter Bob Hoag (The Format, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Ataris), or as the band calls him, the fifth Fairy Bone. “My favorite thing about Fairy Bones,” Bob Hoag says, “is that as humans they’re the weirdest little family. They have an energy that I feel I have encountered in very few bands. And I feel that seeps into the music. It’s a really quirky and exciting record and most of that is just their personalities coming through.” Together with Bob Hoag, tucked away at the infamous Flying Blanket Studio, Fairy Bones managed to craft an album that surpassed all of their wildest expectations. You can catch Fairy Bones on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube then preview their new song “No One Can Suffer Like I Can” below! If you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday Replay, at the bottom of the page.




Daisy band photo

DAISY is an Alternative Pop band with influences from iconic household names like U2, Coldplay, The Police, The Killers, and any other stadium ready rock bands that have left their mark on our culture. From blissful melodies and lavish guitar tones, to heart pounding bass, keys and drums, DAISY is a band worth listening too. the The band is singer, Anthony Perre, Lead guitarist Michael Petry, Bass and Keys by Ty Kidd, and drums by Dylan Kielly. The band formed in 2013 and recorded their debut EP titled, “In Retrospect” to be released Last December. Their Single “All My Life” was picked on 4 National and International playlists generating what is now some 164k streams. DAISY has finished recording their second EP and will be ready for release by the end of the year, followed by a first west coast tour up through California. You can see DAISY  on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Feel” below and if you love it, vote to hear it again for the Friday Replay, below!

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