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Monday: Future Classic – Still Alive

Future Classic

Your favorite Phoenix pop punk band is BACK with their latest song “Still Alive”.

This new song takes a more serious lyrical tone by taking a closer look at bullying and fake friendships while encouraging the listener to stand up by not giving up or giving in. Of course no matter what the subject, you can’t escape the infectious hooks that define every song from Future Classic.

Hearing your favorite Phoenix pop punk band on the radio is one thing, but seeing them live is a whole new experience. You can catch Future Classic LIVE at their next show in Tempe at 51 West on Friday, November 2. Follow them on Instagram at @FutureClassicBand for all the latest shows and check out their song “Still Alive” below! If ya dig it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Tuesday: Grey Joy – Lilith


Greyjoy band photo

In October of 2017, the Alt-synth-pop, New wave inspired, five piece act Grey Joy of Phoenix, Arizona was born. Singer Avidan “Wolf” Santana and Guitarist; Alexander Philip began to write the bones of their music in a small art space located in the heart of the Downtown district. Soon there after, the song-writing tandem brought on the efforts of Cameron Clark (Synth/keys), Nathaniel Tappy (Bass) and Justin Lucio (Drums). Grey Joy began recording with local great Cory Spotts who’s most notable credits are bands such as: The Maine, The Summer Set, Lydia and Bless The Fall. In due time the group became a collective, sharing creativity transforming the five into one idea. The days become Seconds as these strangers become family, chipping away at a record in hopes to make the listener just as much a part of that. Check out Grey Joy on Facebook and Instagram then preview their song “Lilith” below. If ya dig it, vote to hear it again for Song of the Week at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday: Doll Skin – Daughter

Doll skin

If life was a comic book, Doll Skin would be right at home in the larger than life color pages. Four Glitter-fueled, teenage, punk rock superheroes, wielding mighty guitars, as they battle tyranny and oppression with adrenaline-fueled rock anthems. Shortly after forming in 2013, when members Vocalist Sydney Dolezal, Guitarist Alex Snowden, Bassist Nicole Rich, and Drummer Meghan Herring met at the Phoenix SCHOOL OF ROCK, the fledgling band came to the attention of Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson, who took them under his wing, and together they began a sonic assault on the West Coast, playing shows with Social Distortion, Green Jello, DRI, SLUNT, and many more, and set out to work on their Ellefson produced debut studio release.

2015 saw the Worldwide release of Doll Skin’s debut EP In Your Face, through Ellefson’s own imprint EMP – Ellefson Music Productions, distributed Megaforce Records, (also known as the launching pad for legendary big 4 thrash bands Metallica and Anthrax and many more.) and Cargo Records in Europe, and set Doll Skin on a trajectory straight to the ranks of the Hard Rock elite.

Says David, “When I was first introduced to Doll Skin, I knew there was something really special there. Through working with them as a Producer, it became even more apparent what these girls were capable of.”

Catch Doll Skin at Trunk Space with Playboy Manbaby Saturday, November 10th and on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Youtube. Preview their song “Daughter” below, then give em your love votes at the bottom of the page for Song of the Week!


Thursday: Divided Minds – Don’t Get Too Close

Divided Minds new band pic

Divided Minds is an established Rock Pop band from Phoenix, AZ, who has performed with numerous national acts such as Wage War, The Summer Set, Whitney Peyton,SLAVES, Doll Skin and Best Ex (Formerly Candy Hearts). Divided Minds has proven time and time again that their music connects well and their sound continues to be fresh. Their music has often been played on KWSS 93.9 and ALT-AZ 93.3 along with interviews and morning TV guest appearances. Having released in 2016 their debut EP Perception, they toured the regional circuit and found themselves gaining the attention of Ross Robey of Rolling Artists and Greg Long – owner of We Are Triumphant.

Divided Minds has an unwavering commitment to create the best music possible and to bring their live audiences closer to the music experience as a whole. Having opened this past year for BORNS in front of a crowd of over 1500 enthusiastic fans, it became quite evident that Divided Minds was creating quite the stir as a band to be noticed. Since ‘Perception’, Divided Minds has continued to grow both in their music and performances. With a recent signing to the We Are Triumphant label and the release of their newest music video “Don’t Get Too Close” from their forthcoming EP Mood Swings to be released April 6th, 2018, Divided Minds’ die-hard fans are poised and ready to once again be apart of this Alternative Rock sound that feels all the emotions as their new EP Mood Swings delivers.

Working with their booking agency M7 and label We Are Triumphant, Divided Minds is planning to begin touring regionally in 2018 and work their way across the U.S. this Spring and Summer of 2019. With their stand out songs and the fun presence they create with their fans at their live shows, there is something sweet and musically rocking Divided Minds brings to the world of music. You can catch Divided Minds at 51 West Friday, November 2nd and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Don’t Get Too Close” below. If ya love it, vote to hear it again for Song of The Week at the bottom of the page.

Song of the Week: Doll Skin- Daughter

Doll skin