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This Week On Homegrown With Mo: Huckleberry, Saddles, Fairy Bones & LUAU!

Homegrown 4.3.17



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Huckleberry album cover

Huckleberry has a 6-year history of writing music set to the tune of desert life. Multiple voices and leads collaborate for nostalgic harmonies and melodies suited best for road trips, or backyard cocktails. You can catch Huckleberry at Crescent Ballroom 4/8 with the rest of this week’s Homegrown bands and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Preview their song “Tether” then vote to hear it again for the Friday replay, below.


Saddles Band Photo

Saddles is Charles Barth and George White. After starting as Barth’s solo project, the band has grown to become a collaborative, somewhat experimental effort between Barth and White, who have produced two EPs and two full-length albums together, exploring a wide range of sounds from an even wider range of influences. Saddles’ most recent effort, YOKE, is a full-length album, released on December 13th, 2016. You can catch Saddles at Crescent Ballroom 4/8 along with the other Homegrown bands this week and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “Tarot” then vote to hear it again for the Friday replay, below.


fairybones-pressFairy Bones: Imagine epic, dramatic alternative-pop songs sent out to the back rows of a stadium by a charismatic force of nature, who could more than hold her own against whatever Florence Welch could throw her way, sharing space on a stunning debut with songs that filter lofty art-rock sensibilities through the reckless abandon of punk. That was “Dramabot,” the debut album with which Fairy Bones confirmed their standing on the front ranks of the Phoenix music scene. Where most bands take years to find the right lineup and chemistry, Fairy Bones found it immediately when life long friends Chelsey Louise and Robert Ciuca joined forces with brothers Benjamin and Matthew Foos. As Louise recalls that fateful meeting, “It was like two halves coming together to form a whole, instead of four strangers trying to figure each other out.” A point that Fairy Bones considers essential to their success not just as a band, but as family as well. Though their sound has been characterized in every way from glam punks to arena rock, Fairy Bones has worked tirelessly from the beginning to craft a sound and style that was all their own. As Chelsey puts it, “It was important to us when we started to not discuss genre. Why waste your time trying to be something that already exists? It may be a harder path since there is no mold for you to fit into, but I think it’s a more rewarding path.” A decision that became the defining characteristic of their debut album “Dramabot.” Enter Bob Hoag (The Format, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Ataris), or as the band calls him, the fifth Fairy Bone. “My favorite thing about Fairy Bones,” Bob Hoag says, “is that as humans they’re the weirdest little family. They have an energy that I feel I have encountered in very few bands. And I feel that seeps into the music. It’s a really quirky and exciting record and most of that is just their personalities coming through.” Together with Bob Hoag, tucked away at the infamous Flying Blanket Studio, Fairy Bones managed to craft an album that surpassed all of their wildest expectations. After making multiple “Best Of 2015” lists (Phoenix New Times, Arizona Republic, Echo Magazine, Modern Times Magazine) with ‘Dramabot’ and landing on “Top 30 Local Songs of 2015” (KWSS 93.9FM) with their power single “Waiting,” Paste Magazine premiered their latest video – the surreal Lewis Carroll-inspired “Notes from Wonderland” (Winner of “Best Music Video” at 2016 Phoenix Comicon). Paste declared Fairy Bones a “four-piece art/glam/rock monster” while praising Louise’s “incomparable pipes,” of which they noted, “Few rock voices today can compare, of any gender”. When asked about the response towards the album, Chelsey always says, I couldn’t be happier. “It was awesome to ride on that release for as long as we did,” she says, “because we got time to perform it and manipulate the songs into new versions of themselves live. I think that’s helped us hone in on what we want to do moving forward.” Taking what they learned from the process, Fairy Bones are already gearing up to head back into the studio with Bob Hoag. With a new mindset, the maturity that comes with experience, and a brand new set of material, Fairy Bones eyes are fixed straight on the future of their budding career. You can catch Fairy Bones at Crescent Ballroom 4/8 along with rest of this weeks Homegrown bands, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Check out their music video for “Pink Plastic Cups” then vote to hear it again for the Friday replay, below.


LUAU_Background LOGO

Described as a “group on the rise,” LUAU is a four piece Indie Rock/Alternative band from Phoenix, Arizona. The band is made of Evan Hallock (Vocals/Guitar), Eric Thompson (Guitar) and Jon Collins (Bass) and Joel Knight (Drums). LUAU’s music consists of overlapping guitar parts, catchy vocal melodies and a solid rhythm session. LUAU has played at Crescent Ballroom, The Rebel Lounge, Rhythm Room and various other venues in the Valley. They recently wrapped up recording a six song EP titled “Gone” and was named as one of the top 17 bands to watch in 2017 by the Phoenix New Times. They have not slowed down, nor do they plan to. You can catch LUAU at their EP release show at Crescent Ballroom along with the rest of this week’s Homegrown bands, and on Facebook and Instagram. Preview their new song “Darling” below then vote to hear them again for the Friday replay, below.

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