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This Week on Homegrown With Mo: The Lonesome Wilderness, Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold and Foresteater!



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All the bands featured this week are also playing the first ever Mescal Porch Collective Showcase!

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Desert garage rock filled with traces of surf rock, classic punk and psychedelic rock, all mixed with sounds of the American Southwest.

The Lonesome Wilderness is a Phoenix-based rock band, formed in 2011. Members include sex-panther Joe Golfen, his time-traveling brother Paul, rocknrolla Andrea Custer and Baron Brian Weis.

They originally drew their sound from surf, punk and 1960s influences, but while their backs were turned, some southwestern dust seeped under the door.

You can find them playing shows on ramshackle stages in dirt lots, backyards and dark bars. You can catch TLW at Last Exit Live June 9th and on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramPreview their song “Stay Out Of The Sun” then show them your love in the form of votes, at the bottom of the page!



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Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold were born in Phoenix, Arizona during The Great Dust Storm of 2012. From the dirt and wreckage emerged a bastard child of country, blues, Appalachia, bluegrass, and rock that wanted nothing more than to kick your ass. You like getting your ass kicked, don’t you? Then come see Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold. Catch them at Last Exit Live June 9th and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview their song “You Never Loved Me” below, then show em some love votes at the bottom of the page. 



Foresteater is the moniker and live band of Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Mikey Pro. Created in 2015 after a dream he had about “a band playing on an island in outer-space surrounded by electric rainbows” Foresteater’s debut EP “Nightlife of the Exploding Heads” was released May 6th 2016. It’s difficult to place Foresteater’s music in one genre but it can be described as “Melodramatic songs with psychedelic harmonies under catchy melodies.” You can catch Foresteater at Last Exit Live on June 9th and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Preview his song “Very Friendly People” below, then show him some love votes at the bottom of the page. 

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