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This Week On Homegrown With Mo: Upsahl, Moment Of Ruin, Run! Definitely Run! and JAM

Homegrown 2.6.17



A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm. Check out who’s featured this week and vote which band/artist gets their song played again on Friday!


Upsahl Unfamiliar Light Album Cover

Upsahl is a seventeen-year-old indie/alternative musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Her first self-titled album was released in 2013, followed by “Viscerotonic,” in 2015. Taylor is currently working on her EP, which will release in February of 2017. “Though she says her inspiration comes from what she experiences, themes of self-identity and development are ones that gain admirers spanning all ages.” -Nicki Escudero, Phoenix New Times. “For lovers of Feist, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, or Ellie Goulding, this is your jackpot.” -Mitchell Hillman, Java Magazine

Taylor has performed with local successes, such as Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Captain Squeegee, Coobee Coo, and The Technicolors, including national artists, Beck, Animal Collective, and Gary Clark Jr. Taylor has written and recorded with artists such as decker. and Max Frost. She was also featured in “Play, the Documentary,” a film to inspire more people to play music and participate in music education, produced and released by Matty Steinkamp with Sundawg Media (2016). Taylor’s upcoming shows include Apache Lake Music Festival and McDowell Mountain Music Festival, and she frequently plays shows at Phoenix venues, such as Crescent Ballroom, Valley Bar, and Rebel Lounge. You can find Upsahl on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

Check out her song “Digital Papers” and vote below:


Moment Of Ruin - Quarter Logo

Moment Of Ruin was founded in 2011 by Zach Zuppan (Vox/Guitar), Chris Cummings (Vox/Guitar) and Matt Claucherty (Drums) just so they would have something to do in their spare time. Joined by Jason Dayhuff (Bass) this quickly led to playing a ton of shows and recording their first album, ‘Are You Listening’ which took a while to be released in 2016. Matt and Jason both parted ways with the band after a few years and are doing well in their respective projects.

Zach and Chris weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet and along came Andrew Adams (Vox/Bass) and Karl Reichmuth (Drums) to fill out the band. This really started pushing things in a new direction. The music started getting faster, tighter, and just way more fun to play. Soon after the reformation of the band, they put together a music video single ‘Everybody’s Coming To Get You’ to showcase what they had to offer the local music scene.

Currently the band is working on writing their next album and should start recording within the next few months.
You can find Moment Of Ruin on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Check out and vote for their song “Everybody’s Coming To Get You” below:


Run, Defintely Run! band photo

Run, Definitely Run! is an Electronic Rock band from Phoenix AZ consisting of Omnom on vocals and synth, Ky on Guitar and backing vocals, Lynn on drums, and Miggy on bass. Established in the summer of 2015, Run, Definitely Run! wanted to bring something new to the table and incorporated the look and sound of Japan’s famous Visual-Kei style. While wearing flamboyant clothing, elaborate hairstyles, and performing music that would sound like it’s from a video game or anime, Run, Definitely Run! has brought a sound and show like no other from the local stages to conventions across the US. In November of 2016, Run, Definitely Run! released their debut EP “Hey, Listen!” which was recorded with Grammy winning producer Jeremy Parker at Premier Studios. Check out Run! Definitely Run! on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Listen and vote for their song “Hero” below:


Jam concert flyer

JAM is a singer songwriter from Phoenix, AZ. His mission in life is to share a positive presence with audiences everywhere through music. JAM has been heavily influenced by artists such as the Beatles, Trevor Hall, John Mayer and Jack Johnson. He is currently recording out of Hollywood, CA at a studio called Brushfire Records. This studio is owned by Jack Johnson and his 4 time Grammy award winning producer Robert Carranza. The EP will be engineered and produced by Carranza in the same studio that Jack Johnson has recorded many of his hit albums out of. JAM has won Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding music competition two years in a row and has even been given the opportunity to record with Alice on a demo for the Hollywood Vampires. A lot of JAM’s musical education originates from Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock teen center where he started taking guitar, piano, vocal and drum lessons. This foundation eventually opened the door for JAM to receive a scholarship to Paradise Valley Community College where he was then classically trained in guitar and songwriting. A unique quality about JAM is his philosophy about life. He has been vegan for 3 years, practices meditation and is constantly expressing his spirituality through music. In March JAM will be playing at the Pot of Gold Music Fest with Flogging Molly, Death cab for Cutie, We The Kings and many more. His debut EP will be release at the beginning of April and you can find him everywhere at JAM NOW. You can find JAM on Facebook and Instagram. Check out and vote for his song “Believe It’s Possible” below:

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