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Thom Yorke isn’t happy with Chieftain Mews in latest Radiohead TikTok

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Apparently, Chieftain Mews isn’t cutting it on Radiohead‘s TikTok.

Earlier this year — on April Fools’ Day, in fact — the “Creep” outfit launched their own TikTok starring Mews, the strange character Radiohead previously used for their old web broadcasts. In keeping with the band’s ever-enigmatic vibe, each TikTok would feature Mews sitting at a desk repeating random phrases with unsettling vocal effects. That is, until now.

In Radiohead’s latest TikTok, which went up Friday, frontman Thom Yorke makes his debut appearance, alongside frequent artistic collaborator Stanley Donwood. The clip begins with the pair going over the low, “embarrassing” amount of views and follows Chieftain has brought with the broadcasts.

“You’ve promised us you that could give us a strong identity on TikTok, promote the music, get us back into the marketplace,” Yorke says to Mews, who can be heard from offscreen. “But instead, you’ve just become a source of acute embarrassment.”

“It’s not the ’90s anymore, is it?” he adds.

One can only hope that Radiohead’s TikTok use means new music is on the way — the band’s most recent album is 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool.

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