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Tips for Making Your Pumpkins Last Longer



Just because it doesn’t get cool here, doesn’t mean we don’t love the fall! We will drag ourselves out on a 90 degree day to pick pumpkins just to have them rot before the fall is over. No one wants to have to keep buying pumpkins, so try these tricks to get yours to last through the fall.


Bleach Wash:

Do this first thing! Bleach wash your pumpkin. It’s going to keep it from attracting bugs. Decide to carve it? Bleach wash it again now that they fruit part is exposed. Keeps the creepy crawlies from wanting to nibble.


Don’t Carve, Paint!

This one might be too big of a sacrifice for some. Carve if you must. There are plenty of tips to help those who carve below. But painted pumpkins can really help decorate your indoors. You can do something elegant to class up a table setting or something fun and themed. Here are some that I have painted below!




Petroleum Jelly:

After carving, lined the carved edges with petroleum jelly! It’s a great way to keep the fruit hydrated. Once it dries out, it rots! A little goes a long way with the jelly.




Apply cold/ice water to the pumpkin to help rejuvenate it a couple time a week. Don’t soak it. Just a quick spritz.

Store in Fridge Overnight/During the Day

If you have the mind to remember, bring your pumpkin indoors and stick it in the fridge overnight. I save this one for only super hot days. Normally I like to display at night with little electronic lights so I’ll have sit in the fridge during the day. The key is to save the pumpkin from too much heat.


Ice Bath:

Starting to slouch? Dunk your creation in an ice bath for a while or even overnight. It will help firm it back up unless you let it reach the point of no return first.

Don’t Light with Real Candles:

This helps a lot for a couple reasons. One, heat attracts bugs. You don’t want a swarm of bugs eating the inside of your masterpiece.


Also the heat itself is going to accelerate rotting.


Keep Indoors:

One great way to keep your pumpkin from overheating and leading to rot is just by not leaving it outside to begin with! Make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight through a window, accidently did that last year… whoops!

Close: Get your money’s worth out of your pumpkin this year. You spent all that time making it cute, let’s not pretend you have time to do it again. We are all busy around this time of year.

Good luck on all your fall missions this year!



Bye, Friends!