The Mo Show!

Top 5 geeky things to look forward to in Nerdgasm: Aug 27 – 31, 2018


Game of Thrones, now in beer form! 


Even though Game of Thrones is wrapping up in 2019, we can wrap our hands around a new beer dedicated to Jon Snow, called King of the North! It’ll be an imperial stout on sale Black Friday, Nov. 23rd for $13. Or you could bend the knee to all 4 beers as a gift set w/ commemorative glasses.  

Disney streaming service name revealed and vague price


Disney dropping more exciting news about their new streaming service coming 2019, looks like it’s officially called Disney Play and will be cheaper than netflix. Disney Play will cost subscribers between $8 and $14, which is less than what Netflix is charging. Obviously the service will feature all of the Disney classics plus the upcoming reboots of Honey I shrunk the kids, the parent trap, the muppets and more, plus the return of The Clone Wars and the new live action Star Wars Series.

Nickelodeon’s surprise streaming service!


It seems as if everyone starting up their own streaming service like it’s a podcast, so far the biggest one to name is Disney but it looks a like a new streaming service is already here and ready for nostalgic pleasure. Brace yourselves for Nickelodeon’s new streaming service called Nicksplat! Nicksplat is available starting now on gaming consoles, smart tvs, android and iphones for only $6, carrying classics like Rocko’s Modern Life, Double Dare 2000, Are you afraid of the dark, Kenan and Kel, Catdog and more.

Star Wars Cantina opening at DisneyLand!


Not sure about you but I feel the force of excitement for the new Galaxy’s Edge to open up at Disneyland. It’s the Star Wars expansion happening at all of the Disney parks. Well we got word that the Cantina in Galaxy’s Edge is bringing something new to Disneyland that’s never been done before to the public… alcohol. Yes, in less than a year, us adults will get to partake in some spirits for the first time ever inside the Disneyland park. There’s no word on what kind of drinks they’re serving, but I swear if they don’t have anything resembling blue milk, I’m light sabering someone’s leg’s off.